January 24, 2024
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Rules Changes Announced for 76th Emmy Awards

The Television Academy today announced rules changes for the 76th Emmy Awards competition, including combining several short form categories, redefining qualifications for guest performers and expanding its recognition of behind-the-scenes professionals who help make the television magic happen. 

The complete list of changes approved by the Academy's Board of Governors as recommended by the Awards Committee for the 2024 Emmy Awards can be found at Emmys.com/rules/changes. They include the following: 

Adjusted Short Form Animated Program and Short Form Performer Categories

With a decline in submissions over the past five years, the Short Form Animated Program category and the Short Form Actor and Actress categories have been adjusted as follows:

Short Form Animated Program: This category has been combined with the Animated Program category and two tracks have been created, one for short form programs (between 2 – 20 minutes) and one for all other programming (over 20 minutes).

Short Form Performer Categories: Actor in a Short Form Comedy or Drama Series and Actress in a Short Form Comedy or Drama Series have been combined into one category – Outstanding Performer in a Short Form Comedy or Drama Series.

New Rule for Guest Performer Categories

Guest Performers are defined as appearing in less than 50% of all eligible series episodes. To ensure that a guest performer's role is significant to the episode being submitted, the following rule has been added for Guest Performer categories: "The minimum stand-alone and contiguous-screen time (performer has an ongoing engagement in the scene, on or off camera) for eligibility is 5% of the total running time of the submitted episode." 

Line Producers to Receive Eligible Credit for Documentary/Nonfiction Categories

"Line Producer" has been added as an Emmy-eligible credit on Documentary/ Nonfiction Specials, Documentary/Nonfiction Series and Hosted Nonfiction Programs. 

Head of Workroom to Receive Eligible Credit for Costume Design

Head of Workroom (AKA Cutter/Fitter) has been added as an Emmy-eligible title. Their eligibility will be determined by the designer. Contribution to the project will be weighed on a percentage basis as is done for all other positions. Verification will be made by call sheet, deal memo and designer input. Those eligible must be individuals, rather than a costume house or facility. However, the head of a facility workroom may be considered. 

Changes to Hairstyling and Makeup Categories

Outstanding Hairstyling for a Variety, Nonfiction, or Reality Program and Outstanding Makeup for a Variety, Nonfiction, or Reality Program categories now only have panels to prescreen the submissions for nominations. The full peer group votes in the final round to determine who receives an Emmy Award. Previously, these were juried awards.

Submissions for the 76th Emmy Awards will open on Thursday, Feb. 29.

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