Presidents and Chairs of the Television Academy

Television Academy leadership through the years

The position of Chair/CEO (formerly President) of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences is an individual elected by the Governors.

In 2013, the organization was rebranded as the Television Academy.

Television Academy

Years Name Title
2024- Cris Abrego Chair/CEO
2019-2023 Frank Scherma Chair/CEO
2017-2018 Hayma Washington Chair/CEO
2012-2016 Bruce Rosenblum Chair/CEO
2008-2011 John Shaffner Chair/CEO
2004-2007 Dick Askin Chair/CEO
2002-2003 Bryce Zabel Chair/CEO
1998-2001 Meryl Marshall-Daniels Chair/CEO *
1994-1997 Rich Frank President
1990-1993 Leo Chaloukian President
1988-1989 Douglas Duitsman President
1986-1987 Rich Frank President
1984-1985 Diana Muldaur President
1982-1983 John H. Mitchell President
1978-1980 Hank Rieger President
1976-1977 Larry Stewart President
1974-1975 Hank Rieger President
1973-1974 Thomas W. Sarnoff President
1972-1973 Alan A. Armer President
1971-1972 Sonny Fox President
1967-1969 Serge Krizman President
1966-1967 George Giroux President
1964-1966 John Guedel President
1962-1964 Dick Berg President
1961-1963 Robert Lewine President
1960-1962 Gail Patrick Jackson President
1957-1961 Harry Ackerman President
1956 Johnny Mercer President
1954-1955 Don DeFore President
1953 Charles Ruggles President
1952 Hal Roach, Jr. President
1951 Mike Stokey President
1950 Syd Cassyd President
1949 Harry Lubcke President
1948 Charles R. Brown President
1947 Edgar Bergen President

* In 1999, the leadership position was renamed Chair and Chief Executive Officer. Ms. Marshall-Daniels was the first to use this title.

Please note: Dates we cite in this history may be estimated rather than definite, based on the best information available to us. The names and the order in which our presidents have served, however, are certain. We apologize for any discrepancies.

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