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Laura Regan in Minority Report with Nick Zano

Courtesy FOX

Laura Regan

Courtesy FOX
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October 28, 2015
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The Radiance of Laura Regan

Laura Regan's luminous presence lightens the futuristic world of Fox's Minority Report.

For Laura Regan, the future is the present.

The gifted actress's luminous and charismatic talent has for years contributed to a diverse blend of television and film performances, each of which she has accented with clarity and vision. 

In a career benchmarked with vibrancy, and a stylish cache of characters, she has appeared on everything from TV’s Murder in the First, Castle and Mad Men, to classic episodes of Charmed and Judging Amy.

She also shone in feature films like Someone Like You, Poor Boy’s Game, and Atlas Shrugged: Who Is John Galt?   In any medium, Regan gets the job done with precision and a significant measure of grace. 

With confidence, and a continued enthusiasm for her craft, Regan today portrays the ever-allusive and enigmatic Agatha, a “precognitive” or “precog” who can not only see the future, but help prevent any clear and present danger in Fox-TV’s new science-fiction series Minority Report.

A sequel to the 2002 Steven Spielberg/Tom Cruise feature of the same name, and set 10 years later (in 2065), the new weekly Report allows Regan to place her unique stamp on a predefined role (originally portrayed by Samantha Morton in the movie). 

As a precog, Agatha was initially utilized by Precrime, a law enforcement agency created to identify and eliminate criminals prior to their criminal activity.  As explained in a press release for the new TV edition, “crime-solving is different, and justice leans more on sophisticated and trusted technology than on the instincts of the precogs.”

Originally hailing from Nova Scotia, Regan began performing in her mid-20s. 

“It would have been false for me to start acting before then,” she says with refreshing candor.  Otherwise, she may not have gained enough authenticity for character interpretation and application. 

That’s the productive kind of self-appraisal which perpetually complements the sincere desire of an artist and the kind of precept that a multi-layered character like Agatha requires.  

Regan brings Agatha to life with a combination of reserved moxie and mystery, most notably with her eyes, which she has skillfully trained to showcase the emotions of whatever character she portrays; sometimes juxtaposed to whatever else that particular character may be voicing with words or other physical attributes. 

“The sentiment is different inside from what you’re seeing on the outside,” she reveals.  It’s a theatrical technique the actress describes as “psycho-physical,” one she learned by studying the techniques of famed acting teacher Michael Chekhov, a student of Konstantin Stanislavsky (whose famous “method acting” focused on stringent self-analysis).

“Agatha,” Regan continues, “is one step ahead of everybody.  She has so much certainty.  She’s very careful about what information she reveals.  She relishes and guards her freedom, and will do anything to protect her brothers,” those being the younger twins Dash (played by Stark Sands) and Arthur (Nick Zano), both of whom are also precogs. 

“She doesn’t want any part of society,” Regan says of the strong and nurturing Agatha, but concern for her siblings “thrusts her back into society.” 

As Regan goes on to explain, the new series offers “a warmer, more hopeful future” than the somewhat bleaker world presented in the original movie – and that makes sense in the small vs. big-picture scheme of things. 

Television has always been the more intimate of the two media. In the home-based comfort of the living room, TV characters – and the actors who portray them - are more selectively welcomed by the viewing audience.

Such is the case with Laura Regan.  No matter the genre or platform, she is compelled to “find what is likable and universal” about the character at hand.  “You can really be in the moment,” she concludes.  “That’s the thrill of acting.”  

For more on Fox's Minority Report, see "The Drone Zone."

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