July 13, 2020
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Meet the Governors: Kim Taylor-Coleman, CSA

Name: Kim Taylor-Coleman, CSA

Peer Group: Casting Directors

New or Returning Governor? New

Describe your day job: I am a self employed casting director for film, television and commercials. As a small business owner, I work a seven day week.

I audition actors, set meetings and collaborate with directors, producers and network casting executives to find, recommend and hire actors for their projects.

I also take part in many discussions regarding casting specifically and the entertainment business in general. At some point or other I have had contact with and more than likely worked with every major studio and every major television network.

I have been in casting for many years and I am blessed to have had the experiences that come with the job.

Credits of which you're most proud: Feature Films: Da 5 Bloods, Blackkklansman, Inside Man, Dope, Dear White People.

On the television side I am very proud of casting these projects: American Crime, Genius: Aretha, Self Made: Madam CJ Walker, Dear White People, Wu Tang An American Saga, Underground, The Good Doctor, Survivor's Remorse, Snowfall and all of Tyler Perry's shows. I am also very excited about the upcoming HBO series Lovecraft Country.

Why did you want to be a Television Academy governor? I grew up watching a variety of television shows. I always wanted to be a casting director. TV shows helped shape my life.

My initial interest in becoming a governor really took shape after I joined the Academy and served on the PGEC Casting Director committee. As a peer group member I got a chance to see the inner workings of the Academy up close.

I admired the governors for their work both outside and inside the Academy. I believed in their mission to grow the Academy and I am looking forward to us keeping it relevant in these changing times. And I am proud to have become a governor so I can roll up my sleeves and do my part.

What do you hope to accomplish as a governor? I want to do a lot of things, first and foremost lend my voice, words and actions to making the Academy a leader in all issues, race, inclusion, and socially conscious forward thinking.

I want to hear what the other governors have to say about our business and our relevance. I want to help where I am needed. I want to speak for casting directors and women and people of color. I want to one day look back on the progress that was made by the Academy and say I was a part of that.

Why is the Academy important to the industry? The Academy is the score keeper and a gatekeeper. And most importantly the Academy is the face of the TV industry. It handles the business of keeping Television honest and relevant.

It generously rewards excellence. The Academy is a taste maker. It's a shelter too. It has a rich history. It has made a difference over the years and I hope it will continue to do so. It not only speaks to people but it speaks for people as well.

The Academy binds all of us individual TV worker bees into one team. The Academy is powerful and meaningful because the words and stories and news and images that flash on TV sets in every home are powerful and meaningful to the people watching.

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