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Me and My Emmy
June 24, 2015

Me and My Emmy: Craig T. Nelson

The coach comes back

  • Corey Nickols

Primetime Emmy Tally: One

How He Got the Gold: In 1992, as lead actor, for his portrayal of Hayden Fox in the ABC comedy Coach

Now for the Noms: Two more lead-actor nominations (1990, ’91) for Coach

Fun Run: “I think people appreciated Coach Fox because he was so naïve and yet he was lovable. People could identify with the situations he got himself into, and he made them laugh.”

School Daze: “With all the political correctness out there now, we thought it would be fun to bring Coach back [NBC has ordered a 13-episode sequel]. College athletics is huge, and Coach Hayden is one of those characters who sometimes has a Neanderthal take on matters.”

Family-Wise: “My dad was a drummer and my mom was a dancer. It was their introductions into the world of performing that got me interested in acting. That and the fact that all the good-looking girls were always in drama class.”

Family Ties: “Parenthood was a wonderful show to be a part of. Everybody was totally committed to it, and over six incredible years we really became like a family.”

Emmy Memory: “I had been racing cars in Vancouver, but I flew back to Los Angeles to attend the Emmy Awards. When my name was called, I ran up on stage and made a complete idiot of myself. I was so happy, but winning was a complete shock.”

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Biography: Craig T. Nelson

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