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March 11, 2014

Envisioning Our Foundation

The Television Academy Foundation has served thousands of dreamers, students, professionals and members of the public over the years. The Foundation's programs have helped forge relationships, spotlight breakthrough work, foster dialogue between creators and viewers, build pathways to careers in television, celebrate and give voice to our past, and prepare the leaders of television's future.

An endowment will enable us to provide a deeper, broader base of support for students and young professionals in perpetuity.

Our renowned Internship Program provides paid, hands-on work experiences for undergraduate and graduate students who work alongside television industry mentors while building professional networks. An endowment will more than double the number of internships and, for the first time, enable us to provide housing allowances.

Our Foundation's coveted Mister Rogers Scholarship Program helps those seeking a career in children's media. Yet there are many thousands of young people who hope to pursue their dreams in the industry. An endowment will increase our Scholarship Program and provide opportunities for students pursuing an education in any aspect of television.

Our annual College Television Awards recognize the nation's outstanding student directors, producers, writers, animators and television news teams. An endowment will increase the number of award categories and expand students' experience in showcasing their work and engaging with industry professionals, agents and mentors.

Each fall, the Foundation hosts Faculty Seminars with college professors from across the country. Each five-day session provides access to top production and programming personnel in a series of discussions and presentations. An endowment will provide funding for more sessions throughout the year and allow instructors to stay connected with the industry through virtual meetings and presentations for their students.

For more information, check out these Frequently Asked Questions, or contact us at 818.754.2800.

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