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Chris Cookson

October 11, 2013
... their new "live" platform delivered coverage of 1,200 live events from the 2012 Summer Olympics and scaled to deliver over 8 million concurrent streams during ...

October 26, 2010
Post-Emmy Mixer: Rain Can't Dampen High Spirits at SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills The ... members gathered October 4 for an all-peer group Post-Emmy mixer hosted by the SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills. Rainy weather sent the party ... had been an Academy Foundation intern in casting this past summer. For Tateel, her first Academy mixer was a hit: “I was hoping to ...

November 25, 2013
... upcoming noms, compare notes on projects and enjoy the balmy summer evening. Such was the scene July 16 when the Academy’s membership ... to meet with members we might not always see at other events. You hear people talking about the upcoming awards. There’s a lot of ...