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September 17, 2015

Television Academy Partners With CrowdTangle For Social Media Optimization During 'Backstage LIVE!'

Emmys Backstage LIVE! will utilize the content discovery tool to identify social media posts during the 67th Emmys on September 20.

The Television Academy has partnered with CrowdTangle for the 67th Emmys Backstage LIVE! to assist producers in tracking social accounts and identifying trends in real time.

"In our continued effort to keep Emmys Backstage LIVE! on the cutting edge in the digital space, we are thrilled to work with CrowdTangle," Emmys Backstage LIVE! Executive Producer and Primetime Show Committee Digital Chair Danila Koverman says. "Thanks to CrowdTangle's tools, our producers will be able to track and share the most relevant social media with our audience during the Emmys." Returning producers for this year's Backstage LIVE! show include Kirsten Benson, Nikki Kemezis and Jennifer Connelly.

Described as "a content discovery tool for social web," CrowdTangle will create a unique dashboard for the Emmys Backstage LIVE! team that will help unearth relevant social media content across a variety of platforms – including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter – before it goes viral. The system will also track and identify trends as they pertain to the show and its highlights.

"It is an honor to share CrowdTangle's tools with the Television Academy for TV's biggest night," CrowdTangle CEO and co-founder Brandon Silverman says. "Our real-time dashboard is a valued player for live broadcasts and major award shows, something we look forward to becoming with the Emmys as well."

Television, more so than any other entertainment genre, lends itself particularly well to social media, Koverman explains. "Due to the consistency and regularity of television, fans are very engaged on social media before, during, and after their favorite shows," she says. "And all these loyal fans are just as engaged during the live telecast of The Emmys, so CrowdTangle will be essential in discovering the best social moments for us to share with our Emmys Backstage LIVE! audience."

Tune in for the 67th Emmy Awards on FOX and Backstage LIVE! on on September 20 at 8/7c.

For more information on CrowdTangle, go here:

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