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Internship Categories


Site: Agency for representation of actors, directors, producers, writers, cinematographers.
Activities: Phones, general office, meetings.
Minimum requirements: Liberal arts/business background, writing ability, verbal and social skills. Strong desire to enter agency or entertainment management.


Site: Digital production studio or production company.
Activities: Exposure can range from show development, to front-end story/design/asset build or back-end animation/lighting and effects.
Desirable background: Film/Cinema, Animation, Communications, Media Studies or related majors. Must have an interest in artistic animation and the animation process. Applicant must be a currently enrolled or returning student in a four-year college/university. Not open to graduating seniors or graduate students in their final year.


Site: Production company.
Activities: Observe and participate in art and artistry of visual effects and character animation. Overview of hand-drawn animation process.
Desirable background: Art, theater arts, film, writing, photography. All applicants must upload samples of work showing animation of characters, props, etc., as well as a storyboard.


Site: Art department of major studio or production company.
Activities: Exposure to set design, construction, dressing, painting, graphics and practical locations adapted for TV production.
Minimum requirements: Theatre set design, and/or architectural background, including drafting. PORTFOLIO REQUIRED. See category description within application form for details.


Site: Local Los Angeles TV news station.
Activities: Overview of broadcast journalism including observation and participation in day-to-day operations of a major market television news department. Areas include assignment desk, production control room, web operations, field assignments with news crews. Intern will interact and work alongside on-air and segment producers, online producers, editors, newswriters, anchors, and occasionally travel with reporters for stories and live remotes. Duties may include attending production meetings, researching news topics, aiding in the planning of news series, viewing and logging tape and transcribing interviews. Not open to graduating seniors or graduate students in their final year.


Site: Network, studio, production company.
Activities: Observe and assist a production executive and their department's oversight of the physical production of multiple television programs in various stages of development, preproduction, production, post production, airing and/or distribution. Interact with productions and other departments such as Programming (Development & Current), Publicity & Promotion, Product Placement, Standards & Practice, Marketing, Merchandising & Distribution. Observe television production from both the show and corporate point of view.
Minimum requirements: TV/Film major, computer skills.


Site: Studio casting department or office of casting director.
Activities: Exposure to the casting process including arranging readings, heavy phones, clerical.
Desirable background: Organizational and people skills. Knowledge of television movies, theatre. Liberal arts, communication background, computer literate, good memory.


Site: Network, cable.
Activities: Overview of development and production of animated and live action children's programs with a focus on preschool age. Review of scripts and process of selling ideas to the networks and cable.
Desirable background: Literature, Arts, Communications, Children's Entertainment and Education.


Site: Scripted or variety/reality TV dance show(s) and/or rehearsal studio(s).
Activities: Observe day-to-day workings of television dance choreographers. Exposure to rehearsals, pre-production, production and possibly post production. All applicants required to upload work choreographed independently – NOT with a partner (no more than 2 min. in total). See category description within application form for details.


Site: TV/Film studio.
Activities: Exposure to primetime television production and equipment handling. Observation and assistance of the Director of Photography during pre-production, location/studio shooting and post production color correction.
Minimum requirements: Strong motion picture/video/photography background. All applicants required to upload work samples (no more than 2 min. in total). Original work can be film, digital or tape. Open to graduating seniors and graduate students only.


Sites: Commercial advertising agency, production company and editorial facility.
Activities: Participate in commercial conception, organization, production and post production of commercials.
Minimum requirements: TV/Film production major/minor.


Site: Select wardrobe departments, studios and independent companies.
Activities: Observe day to day workings of industry related venues such as costume rental facilities, custom-made costume houses. Some exposure to television pre-production/production, and/or music videos.
Minimum requirements: Theatre costume design and/or fashion design background with a focus on storytelling and character development. PORTFOLIO REQUIRED. See category description within application form for details.


Site: Studio or production company.
Activities: Observe and participate (where applicable) in the evaluation of program ideas and literary material, selection of writers and oversight of script development.
Desirable background: Creative writing, literature, theatre arts. Liberal Arts/Communications.


Site: Network, studio, production company.
Activities: Emphasis on new media, social and digital content. This will either be in the creation of web, mobile and digital content, or marketing television and entertainment content on a digital and social level.
Minimum requirements: Courses in TV/Film/Interactive media production, creative writing/storytelling and/or entertainment marketing/communications. Familiarity with interactive technologies and/or social platforms a plus.


Site: Production company or cable network.
Activities: Exposure to production of documentaries and/or reality specials, segments or series. Can include research, studio/location production, and post production.
Minimum requirements: Background in documentary production, research, writing, computer skills.


Site: Studio or production company.
Activities: Observe post production of episodic, reality, TV movie or mini-series. Exposure to film/tape non-linear systems.
Minimum requirements: Film and tape editing courses. All applicants required to upload work samples (no more than 5 min. in total).


Site: Production facility, television news organization.
Activities: Observation of and some participation in day-to-day entertainment industry newsgathering, writing and/or broadcasting activities. Will work in a variety of areas and interact with the assignment desk, producers, writers, reporters and editors. Not for aspiring on-air talent.
Minimum requirements: TV production and journalism courses, basic computer skills. Should be social media savvy and know how to use Twitter, Google+/YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.


Site: Studio, network, law firm or independent production company legal/business department.
Activities: Observation inside the legal and business aspects of the television industry. May include exposure to and participation in the negotiation for the acquisition of source material, engagement of talent agreements (on-screen, writer/producer and directors) and license agreements between networks and studios. May also include a look at the budgeting process, intellectual property, distribution, music, labor and litigation issues related to the production of television programming. Open to juniors, seniors and graduate students only.


Site: Production offices and event location.
Activities: Work with producers during pre-production and night of live production for broadcast. Duties include phones, script organization, clerical, audio/video help and production assistant-type work.
Minimum requirements: Good organizational skills and ability to work in team. Starts late-July.


Site: Television or cable network marketing department, studio/television production division marketing department, independent agency specializing in marketing, promotions, brand strategy.
Activities: Marketing campaign brainstorming, conception and strategy for television programs, with emphasis on launching new season programs and line-up; executing marketing, advertising, promotional campaigns across traditional print, outdoor, radio, television as well as digital and mobile platforms. Requirements: Strong creative writing and communications skills. Radio and television production and/or computer graphics and design experience a plus.


Site: Studio, syndication, broadcast or cable research department.
Activities: Produce television and online research reports from sophisticated internal and external applications to support wide variety of internal clients ranging from development and current programming, sales & distribution, digital sales, marketing, promotions, publicity to corporate strategy. Provide rating analyses on programs in the television portfolio, write bi-weekly newsletter with insights and personal perspective on media and entertainment industry, create and maintain social media sites, attend focus groups, and conduct other special projects as necessary.
Minimum requirements: Strong analytical skills, creative writing and communications skills, media background and course work, ability to collaborate and multi-task in a fast–paced environment. Television research experience a plus.


Site: Production company.
Activities: Subject to scheduling, will cover pre-production, production, production assistant duties.
Minimum requirements: Production background, commitment to career in television.


Site: Production companies and studios.
Activities: Music production (electronic and orchestral), orchestration, sound design, recording, music editing, studio set-up, software and hardware installation.
Minimum requirements: Music background, strong interest in music for TV/Film, orchestral and electronic aptitude and experience, familiarity with music production software. All applicants must upload original composition(s) (no more than 5 min. in total) that underscore video, as well as a paragraph explaining the context of the scene(s).


Site: Post production facility.
Activities: Exposure to all aspects of post production. Hands on experience with Avid editing systems, DaVinci Resolve Color Correction, all formats of tape decks, including HDCam SR, HDCam, DVCPro HD and XDCam. Learn how to ingest and output files, and how to organize media for editors. Opportunities to sit with editors and learn how the offline process, online and color correction process, and deliverables process works.
Minimum requirements: Editing courses. All applicants required to upload work samples (no more than 5 min. in total).


Site: Studio or production company. May be either episodic OR reality.
Activities: Organizing, scheduling, and budgeting of productions, some production assistant and general office duties.
Minimum requirements: TV/Film major, computer skills.


Site: Television network.
Activities: Observe the decision making process of creating the network's primetime schedule, participate (where applicable) in the evaluation of program acquisitions, and help keep track of competitive entertainment landscape.
Desirable background: Creative or business related, but must have a passion for television and a working knowledge of programs currently on the air.


Site: Public relations firm and/or entertainment company in-house PR department.
Activities: Research and write news releases, assist in contacting all media press, attend meetings and news events.
Minimum requirements: Strong writing skills. Major or minor must be in Public Relations, Journalism, Communications, Publicity or English.


Site: Audio post production facility.
Activities: Exposure to all aspects of production and post production sound. Possible exposure to production sound on-set. Sound editing, supervision, mixing, transfer and studio management techniques, sound effects, music, Foley and dialogue.
Minimum requirements: Some music and/or sound effects editing and mixing experience desired. Basic understanding of electronics, sound equipment and computers.


Site: Visual effects facility.
Activities: Observe and participate in all aspects of visual effects design and execution from script breakdowns and budgets through finished computer graphics. Possible exposure to on-set visual effects supervision.
Desirable background: Art, photography, or film. Experience with software such as Photoshop, After Effects, Maya, or Lightwave. All applicants required to upload work samples of computer graphics or visual effects work (no more than 5 min. in total). Original work can be film, digital or tape. Open to graduating seniors and graduate students in their final year only.


Site: May be single-camera OR multi-camera TV series or production company.
Activities: Overview of directing process with possible exposure to casting, production meetings, location scouting and shooting. Observe productions such as movies for television, episodic, variety, specials.
Minimum requirements: Courses in directing and editing; experience on electronic cameras. All applicants required to upload one continuous scene (no more than 2 min. in total). Original work can be film, digital or tape. Due to production schedules, usually starts in late-July/early-August. Open to graduating seniors and grad students only.


Site: TV series.
Activities: Overview of writing process. May include idea inception, story meetings, revision and production. You MUST indicate your choice of genre, however, that is not a guarantee.
Minimum requirements: Strong writing background. Applicants must submit a hard copy of an original scene (approx. four pages) from current comedy or drama series with a logline. Applicants should research most current scriptwriting formats for appropriate style per genre. Upon notification, finalists must submit a complete original script (series episode, long form, or play).


Site: Production company or studio.
Activities: Assist in development and production of unscripted programs. Work with production company and/or network programming staff in conception and execution of programs.
Minimum requirements: Demonstrated knowledge of unscripted programs and production.

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