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Emmy Magazine - In The Mix

Sometimes the road to success is a meandering one.

For an AMC thriller, the frozen north of the 1800s found form in modern Budapest.

Patricia Janiot is on the move.

Stephen Glover lets his scriptwriting speak for itself.

Choosing the arts over medical school has worked out just fine for Yvonne Orji.

For this director of photography, nothing beats crime and action series, especially those from Dick Wolf.

A J.K. Rowling thriller (with no boy wizard) unspools on Cinemax.


Plotting the many courses of Mosaic — for the HBO series and its companion app — was, well, complicated.

Heidi Gardner’s “side thing” became her passion.

To stay in sync with his Disney Channel audience, this exec listens to kids.

An Annapurna exec sifts through books and scripts, seeking projects with “a singular vision.”

From Vikings to Westworld, Gustaf Skarsgärd carries on the family tradition.