March 20, 2023

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Requirements for membership in the Music Peer Group

Please note that requirements (as outlined below) must be met within the four (4) years preceding one's application for membership or membership review; also, such requirements apply in each instance to the production and/or distribution of nationally exhibited audio visual works. All episodes should be a minimum of thirty (30) minutes in length unless defined otherwise specifically for short form programming. Credits from self-published programs alone do not qualify for membership in the Television Academy. Individuals who have received a Primetime, Daytime, or Children's & Family Emmy Nomination, specific to this peer group, within the past four (4) years are eligible for Active membership.

Music applicants (with the exception of music directors and conductors) must furnish the following:

  • aggregate length of musical cues in minutes
  • aggregate length of shows with cues
  • underline or circle name on cue sheets submitted

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Active Status:

Primary employment in one or more of the following positions/compositions for a minimum of two (2) years with the last four (4) years:

Composition of Original Music for ten (10) episodes of nationally exhibited content. The aggregate length of the instrumental cues must be a minimum of thirty (30) minutes. The music must be substantially unique and original for each episode.

Or theme for a national communications series. Themes must be original works, written for the specific show submitted. Final cue sheets, as prepared by the show and submitted to the appropriate performing rights agency, must be submitted with application for verification of credits or, the case of syndicated shows, a "Producer's Syndication Listing" must be submitted with application for verification of credits,

Or Music Director and Conductor for ten (10) episodes of programming for national exhibition. (Persons who act in a purely supervisory capacity but use the title of "Music Director" are ineligible for Active membership but may be eligible for Associate Membership)

Or credited Writer of the Lyrics or Composer of Special Material. Songs must be original works, with words and music, written for the specific show submitted, and broadcast nationally. Songwriter submissions are exempt from the ten (10) episodes of national programming requirement, but at least five (5) original songs must be submitted. (Cue sheets must be submitted with application for verification of credits)

Or the Arranging and/or Orchestration of the Music for ten (10) episodes of nationally exhibited content.

Or Music Supervisors with a minimum of twenty (20) episodes collaborating with the Show Runner and/or the primary creative team to help implement the music vision, tone and style for each episode or program. Creative contributions must include the selection of pre-existing songs for narrative use; and if called for by the script, supervising the characteristics of on-camera music performances and providing input with respect to newly created songs and recordings.

Only one of the two Governors may be a Music Supervisor.

Applicants without the required number of qualifying hours in a single category may request consideration under Combined Credits: Acceptance of Combined Credits will be at the sole discretion of the Music Peer Group Executive Committee.

Or a qualified body of work relevant to the peer group that warrants a waiver of the above requirements. Body of Work designation has all benefits of Active membership with the exception of running for Peer Group Governor.

Associate Status:

Participation in the Production of Music, such as Orchestrators, Musicians, Programmers and Composers' assistants, and Music Directors, as previously indicated in paragraph 2 above.

updated 3.20.23

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Board of Governors Music Representatives

Jeff Russo
Jeff Russo
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Sherri Chung
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