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If you work in television, you may be eligible to join the Television Academy and vote for the 71st Emmy Awards. Membership in the Television Academy is open to people who work in nationally-distributed television.

Those qualifying for National Active membership in the Television Academy are able to vote for the Emmys, beginning Monday, June 10 with first round of voting. You must submit your membership application by May 9!

Other membership categories include Associate (non-voting), Los Angeles Area, and Academic membership.

The strength of the Television Academy is our member base. With over 24,000 members divided into 30 peer groups, the Television Academy represents television professionals from every field.

Review the requirements of your peer group, provide the minimum credits required and list a contact for employment verification. Then you may apply online.

Check the Membership Emmys Calendar for important dates.

Processing time for applications is 4-6 weeks.

Membership Types

Select a membership type to learn more:

Active Membership

Active Members are people who at the time of qualifying (for membership, voting, running for office, or the like) meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. are at least eighteen (18) years of age;
  2. are actively engaged in activities related to the production or distribution of audio visual works for national exhibition by means of telecommunications;
  3. if not currently so engaged, were actively so engaged in such activities within the past four (4) years;
  4. if not currently qualified, had a significant body of work in telecommunications (as determined by the Peer Group Executive Committee of the Peer Group to which such persons belong).

Such persons must also meet the additional qualifications for Active Membership which may be established by the Peer Groups subject to ratification by the Board, unless qualified on the basis of a significant body of work under subclause (4) above. Members who cease to meet the foregoing qualifications for Active Membership shall no longer have the right to Active Membership unless and until they re-qualify. Active Members who are less than eighteen (18) years of age shall have all rights of membership except that such persons shall not be entitled to vote for or be elected or appointed as either Governor or officer of this corporation or to serve on any of its committees. Any person who is not an Active Member but who has received a nomination for an Emmy Award relating to national exhibition shall be entitled to apply for and receive Active Membership status notwithstanding that such person might not meet the foregoing qualifications; provided that such person makes application for membership within four (4) years after receiving such nomination.

Associate Membership

Associate Members are people who are or have been actively engaged in activities related to the production or distribution of audio visual works for national exhibition by means of telecommunications but who do not meet the qualifications for Active Membership. Additional qualifications for Associate Membership may be established by the Peer Groups, subject to ratification by the Board.

Academic Membership

Students: You must be a college/trade school student or a recent graduate to be eligible for Academy membership. You must include a photocopy of your CURRENT REGISTRATION and CLASS SCHEDULE, a current Degree Progress Report or a diploma with your completed application. Student applications are accepted throughout the academic year, and must be accompanied by proof of current registration, DPR or graduation. You may continue your student membership for two years from your date of graduation. When you have the appropriate industry credits you may apply as an Associate or Active member. Click here to apply.

Faculty: You must print out the application, complete the form and mail it. You must include a letter on letterhead from the institution where you work with your official title, department, area of expertise and the catalog description of the industry-related course(s) you are currently teaching. Please attach a resume if possible that includes any non-academic television credits for our records. Applications will be reviewed by the Educational Programs Committee. Processing time for applications is 4-6 weeks. Incomplete applications will be returned. You will be notified by mail of the approval status of your application. Click here to apply.

Los Angeles Area Membership

The Los Angeles Area membership is for Local News & Programming professionals who are actively engaged in local news and programming for the Los Angeles Area market. Los Angeles Area Members shall be classified as follows:

  • Active
  • Associate (including Educators)


Active Membership is $200 per year

Associate Membership is $125 per year

Academic Membership is $75 per year for a student or $100 per year for faculty

New applications are subject to a one-time nonrefundable processing fee of $10. Fees are payable by Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

Joining Film Group for an additional $95 per year entitles you and a guest to attend over 60 screenings per year of new theatrical motion pictures, for a total value of over $1,200. Screenings are held in the Wolf Theatre at the Saban Media Center, 5210 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood 91601 (Google Maps).

Reinstate Membership

If you would like to request to reinstate your membership, you can request online by logging in to your existing membership record (click here).

Change Peer Group

To apply to change your peer group membership, download this form. If you have any questions regarding this please email us at

updated 4.5.19

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