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January 24, 2020

Casting Directors

Requirements for membership in the Casting Directors Peer Group

Please note that requirements (as outlined below) must be met within the four (4) years preceding one's application for membership or membership review; also, such requirements apply in each instance to the production and/or distribution of nationally exhibited audio visual works. All episodes should be a minimum of thirty (30) minutes in length unless defined otherwise specifically for short form programming. Individuals who have received a Primetime or Daytime Emmy Nomination, specific to this peer group, within the past four (4) years are eligible for Active membership.

Active Status:

Casting Director credited on-screen for a minimum of 20 hours or 20 episodes (not less than 20 minutes per episode) of nationally-exhibited content; or 16 hours of TV Movie or Mini-Series, all of which must involve principal casting of actors.

A credited Reality Supervising Casting Director or Casting Producer (or an equivalent title to delineate the most senior person responsible for casting) with on screen credit for a minimum of 20 hours or 20 episodes (not less than 20 minutes per episode) with 2 or more years of experience doing that job.

Current title no less than Executive Vice President of Casting, Senior Vice President of Casting, Vice President of Casting or Director of Casting with responsibilities that include supervising casting for nationally-exhibited content.

Responsible for having supervised a minimum of 200 hours of scripted telecommunications for national exhibition. (When combining hours toward supervising qualifications, principal casting will be credited as 10 supervising hours for every 1 hour of principal Casting)

If Nominated for an Emmy within 4 years of application for membership

A body of work that is approved by the Casting PGEC to warrant waiving the above requirements. "Body of Work" is defined as a Casting Director or Reality Casting Professional recognized by the casting community for their achievements or contributions to the craft and profession of casting.

Associate Status:

Individuals who do not meet the requirements for Active Status but have been actively engaged in the area of casting, including the casting of extras or atmosphere, reality or reality competition, including individuals engaged as Associates, Assistants or Coordinators, for a period no less than two years.

All applications are subject to approval by the presiding Peer Group Governor(s) and/or the Peer Group Executive Committee.


If/when the Reality Casting Professional membership reaches and maintains 50% of the Peer Group membership for 5 consecutive years, then one of the two Governors may be a Reality Casting Professional.

updated 1.24.20


Board of Governors Casting Directors Representatives

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