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Below is an aggregated list of articles and information related to the 2023-2024 guild negotiations.

In addition, we have aggregated Financial Resources to provide support for those affected by the guild negotiations.

The Television Academy is providing these links for informational purposes only.

IATSE Members Vote to Ratify Major Contract Deals
From Hollywood Reporter: The deals, which tackle AI regulations, long workdays and wage adjustments, cover tens of thousands of crew members across the country. 7/18/24

As Hollywood Cuts Back, IATSE Members Size Up Pros and Cons of Their Tentative Deal With Studios
From Hollywood Reporter: The pact, which is still subject to a ratification vote, offers wage increases, language governing the use of AI in film and television, and new safety provisions. 7/9/24

Inside the IATSE Basic Agreement Deal: New Streaming Residuals, More Safety Officers and AI Guardrails
From Hollywood Reporter: The guild released a summary of the three-year provisional agreement. 7/1/24

Writers and Actors Scramble to Keep Their Health Insurance in a Post-Strike Hollywood
From Hollywood Reporter: Union members are struggling to maintain their health insurance coverage following the strikes. Despite some temporary leniency and extensions offered by the health plans, many individuals are still scrambling to find work and make up for lost earnings in order to re-qualify for coverage. 6/29/24

Actors’ Equity Goes on Strike Against Developmental Work
From Hollywood Reporter: The strike comes after negotiations for a new contract with the Broadway League have stalled, according to the union. Actors’ Equity will stop issuing contracts for work on projects in development, effective immediately, as negotiations for a new contract have stalled. 6/17/24

Hollywood Studios to Cover Drone Camera Crews Under Union Agreement
From Hollywood Reporter: After two arbitration decisions that favored the International Cinematographers Guild, major entertainment companies "will cover drone camera crews under the Local 600 Agreement," according to the IATSE Local. 6/13/24

IATSE Labor Negotiations to Resume June 24
From Hollywood Reporter: Studios and the crew union previously hit pause on talks over two contracts, which jointly cover tens of thousands of industry crew members, early in June. 6/10/24

IATSE to Set New Negotiations Dates As Latest Bargaining Period Ends Without Deal
From Hollywood Reporter: For the second time, the union says it needs more time to reach a West Coast deal with the AMPTP prior to the contract's July 31 expiration date. 6/6/24

IATSE Continues Bargaining with AMPTP; More Basic Agreement Talks Set for June
From Deadline: IATSE has concluded its first week of negotiating a new three-year deal for its nationwide locals. The union shifted its focus this week to the Area Standards Agreement, which covers 23 locals across the U.S. excluding Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Chicago. According to IATSE, talks with the AMPTP centered around classification and wage adjustments, subcontracting, working conditions and benefits enhancements. 5/24/24

IATSE Shifts Bargaining Focus to Area Standards Agreement As Basic Agreement Talks Extend into June
From Deadline: IATSE is shifting its focus to bargaining the Area Standards Agreement, but the union has yet to finalize its Basic Agreement. Thursday marked the conclusion of the third week of negotiations between IATSE and the AMPTP on a new three-year deal for the L.A. Locals. The union had planned to wrap up talks on the Basic Agreement by the time the clock struck midnight, but the parties were unable to reach an agreement and will be extending talks. 5/17/24

IATSE & Studios Close to Basic Agreement Deal, but Sticking Points Remain
From Deadline: Negotiations between IATSE and the AMPTP are expected to go late into the night Thursday as the two sides near a new three-year deal for LA Locals, but they still have some distance left to run. 5/16/24

IATSE Lays Out Contract Proposals, Including “Substantial” Health & Pension Plan Increases, As General Negotiations Begin
From Deadline: Monday marks the start of general negotiations for IATSE‘s new three-year contract with the studios. In a memo to members, IATSE called this leg of negotiations “more complex and consequential, as they encompass the larger and most important issues impacting the crafts.” 4/29/24

Studio Teachers Reach Tentative Deal with AMPTP on Craft-Specific Issues; Local 44 Seeks to Finalize Bargaining
From Deadline: The Studio Teachers (IATSE Local 884) have struck a tentative deal with the studios. Local 884 came to a preliminary agreement with the AMPTP on craft-specific issues. 4/25/24

Costumers Reach Tentative Deal with Studios on Craft-Specific Issues; 2 IATSE Locals Still in Talks As Union Looks Ahead to General Negotiations
From Deadline: The Motion Picture Costumers (Local 705) struck a tentative deal with the AMPTP this week on craft-specific issues. 4/19/24

Electrical Lighting Techs Become 10th IATSE Local To Reach Tentative Deal On Craft-Specific Issues
From Deadline: IATSE is in the home stretch of its local-specific negotiations with the studios. As of Friday, Local 728 — which represents studio electrical lighting technicians — has reached a tentative deal with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers on craft-specific proposals. 4/12/24

DreamWorks Animation Production Workers Unionize Under IATSE Locals 700 & 839
From Deadline: DreamWorks Animation production workers have officially unionized. In total, 160 workers from DreamWorks Animation (DWA) Television and Feature productions will be represented across the Animation Guild (IATSE Local 839) and the Motion Picture Editors Guild (IATSE Local 700). 4/5/24

IATSE Local 871 Reaches Tentative Agreement With Studios Before Another Caucus Week
From Deadline: Local 871 — which represents a range of workers including script supervisors, teleprompter operators, production coordinators, script coordinators, and writers room assistants — has finalized its negotiations with the AMPTP. 4/5/24

IATSE Locals 80 & 706 Strike Tentative Agreements With Studios; Editors Guild Extends Talks Into Next Week
From Deadline: Nearly half of IATSE’s west coast studio locals have now struck tentative deals with the AMPTP. This week, the Motion Picture Studio Grips (Local 80) and the Make-Up Artists and Hairstylists Guild (Local 706) both finalized negotiations with the studios. 3/29/24

IATSE Local 695 Reaches Tentative Agreement With Studios On Local-Specific Issues: "We Made Meaningful Gains In All Areas"
From Deadline: IATSE Local 695 — which represents technicians across production sound, video assist, video engineering and studio projection — has officially reached a tentative agreement with the studios. 3/26/24

SAG-AFTRA Members Overwhelmingly Approve TV Animation Agreement
From Deadline: 3/22/24

Several IATSE Locals Reach Tentative Agreements With Studios on Craft-Specific Issues
From Hollywood Reporter: The International Cinematographers Guild, the Art Directors Guild and the Local covering motion picture set painters and sign writers have all struck provisional deals with the AMPTP. 3/21/24

Actors' Equity Votes to Authorize Strike Over Developmental Work
From Hollywood Reporter: The actors and stage managers union went on a strike in 2019 over this contract, which governs workshops and readings of shows held before full productions on Broadway or elsewhere. 2/12/24

IATSE Puts Strike Authorization Vote On the Table As Negotiations Near
From Hollywood Reporter: The crew union says its negotiating committees for two major contracts are "not interested in extending [these agreements] beyond the July 31 expiration," and could either issue a ratification or strike vote around that time. 2/8/24

The Next Labor Battle: IATSE and Teamsters to Begin Negotiations in Early March, Starting With Benefits
From Hollywood Reporter: The crew unions, as well as others in the Hollywood Basic Crafts coalition, will join forces to bargain health and pension provisions for the first time since 1988. 1/31/24

In Major Deal, Directors Guild Retroactively Secures Writers' Streaming Success Bonus
From Hollywood Reporter: The union informed members that it had also improved employer contribution rates to its pension and health plans in the second and third years of its contract. 1/25/24

Directors Guild Reaches Tentative Agreement on New Commercial Contract
From Hollywood Reporter: The new deal provides larger wage boosts than in a DGA agreement negotiated earlier this year and institutes new AI guardrails. 12/8/23

Employment in Hollywood Rebounds Post-Strikes, But Still Below 2022 Peak
From Hollywood Reporter: The new U.S. labor report shows that the motion picture sector added 17,000 jobs last month, but employment is still below Nov. 2022, suggesting a slower return to normal. 12/8/23

Hollywood Jobs Down Nearly 20% This Year, & Not Just Because of the Strikes, Study Says
Deadline reports that the loss of tens of thousands of Hollywood jobs this year actually is part of a larger economic contraction, a just-released study claims — and those gigs might not be coming back. 12/7/23

SAG-AFTRA Members Vote to Ratify Strike-Ending Contract
From Hollywood Reporter: The union has valued the new three-year contract at over $1 billion, more than three times the value of the union's 2020 deal. 12/5/23

Actors' AI Protections Are a Step Forward, But There's Reason to Worry
From Hollywood Reporter: SAG-AFTRA initially looked to give itself a veto on certain uses of artificial intelligence. Instead, it got notice and consent requirements. 11/14/23

MPTF Launches 'Back to Work' Fundraiser to Help Hollywood Crew Members Following Strikes
Deadline reports that MPTF is currently providing financial assistance at a rate of $500,000 per week to crew members whose financial condition has been ravaged by many months without work. 11/14/23

Read Full SAG-AFTRA Deal Summary Released Ahead of Ratification Vote
Deadline shares SAG-AFTRA's summary of its 2023 Tentative Agreement. 11/12/23

SAG-AFTRA Board Approves New Contract
From Hollywood Reporter: The union says 86 percent of board members voted to accept the tentative agreement with studios and streamers. 11/10/23

What Are Streaming Residuals Now? How Many Episodes Will Shows Have This TV Season? Your Burning Post-Strike Questions, Answered
Variety answers several top-of-mind questions in the aftermath of the guild strikes. 11/9/23

With the Strikes Over, the Mood in Hollywood Is Decidedly Mixed
The New York Times reports that celebratory feelings are competing with resentment over the work stoppage and worries about the business era that is coming. 11/9/23

The Hollywood Strikes Are Over. Here's When You Could See Your Favorite Stars and Shows Return
The AP reports on the aftermath of the SAG-AFTRA strike. 11/9/23

As Hollywood's Season of Strikes Comes to End, What Are the Lessons Learned?
Variety asks what have we learned after the long march of the hot labor summer that bleed into an angry, exhausted autumn? In truth, we've learned a ton. 11/8/23

Podcast: The End of the Actors Strike With Duncan Crabtree-Ireland
On the podcast The Town, host Matt Belloni speaks with national executive director and chief negotiator for SAG-AFTRA, Duncan Crabtree-Ireland, for details on the new deal. 11/8/23

Actors Expected to Hit Awards Circuit in Force as SAG-AFTRA & Studios Reach Tentative Deal to End Strike
Deadline reports that awards campaign season can now begin for many actors, who during the work stoppage had been forbidden from participating in any form of promotion for productions distributed and made by struck studios, networks and streamers. 11/8/23

SAG-AFTRA Approves Deal to End Historic Strike
Variety reports that the union's negotiating committee approved the deal on a unanimous vote. The agreement next goes to the SAG-AFTRA national board for approval on Friday. 11/8/23

SAG-AFTRA Reaches Tentative Agreement With Studios, Ending Actors Strike
From Hollywood Reporter: After a grueling 118 days on strike, SAG-AFTRA has officially reached a tentative agreement on a new three-year contract with studios, a move that is heralding the end of the 2023 actors' strike. 11/8/23

SAG-AFTRA Negotiating Committee Moves Toward Final Vote
From Hollywood Reporter: The negotiating committee is meeting to discuss the studios’ latest offer, with the conversation potentially leading to a final union-side vote on the deal. 11/8/23

SAG-AFTRA Set to Continue Deliberations on Latest Studio Offer on Wednesday
From Hollywood Reporter: It's expected that the union will deliver its response to the companies soon. 11/7/23

As SAG-AFTRA Responds to Studio Offer, AI Protections for High-Earning Members Remain Sticking Point
From Hollywood Reporter: According to multiple sources familiar with the state of the negotiations, entertainment companies are seeking to pay for scans, but not their use or re-use. 11/6/23

Hollywood Waits: SAG-AFTRA "Still Reviewing" Studios' "Last, Best, and Final Offer"; No Monday Meetings Set Yet
Deadline reports that, following a brief virtual meeting with CEOs on Saturday, guild leaders continued today to look over the so-called "last, best and final offer" the studios put on the table Friday. 11/6/23

SAG-AFTRA Evaluating Studios' "Last, Best and Final Offer"
From Hollywood Reporter: Behind the scenes, top executives say they could be done negotiating for the time being — or likely until the new year — if SAG-AFTRA doesn’t embrace what one studio-side source in the meeting claimed was a deal “worth more than three of the last deals put together.” 11/4/23

Expanded Group of Studio Leaders to Attend SAG-AFTRA Bargaining Session on Saturday
From Hollywood Reporter: The two parties are convening on Zoom after the studios made their latest offer to top negotiators for the union on Friday night. 11/4/23

SAG-AFTRA Awaits Studios' Response to Latest AI Proposals on Day of No Formal Talks
Deadline reports that after rumors the past few days that a deal is all but done between SAG-AFTRA and the AMPTP, today was "more of a waiting game," according to an insider. 11/2/23

SAG-AFTRA and AMPTP Make Progress in Talks, Will Meet Again Thursday
Variety reports that SAG-AFTRA told its members that the union presented a counterproposal on AI issues that have been a key sticking point in the contract talks. It also said the union is awaiting a full response from the AMPTP on the "comprehensive counter proposal" the union presented on Oct. 28. 11/1/23

SAG-AFTRA to Meet Studios Again Wednesday After Another 'Productive' Day of Talks
Variety reports that the sides continue to project "cautious optimism" about resolving the strike. The studios have warned that they must get a deal this week in order to be able to produce partial seasons of scripted network TV series. 10/31/23

SAG-AFTRA, Hollywood Studios to Resume Negotiations on Tuesday
From Hollywood Reporter: "While talks over the past week have been productive, we remain far apart on key issues," the union's negotiating committee told members Monday night. 10/30/23

No Direct Talks Monday Between SAG-AFTRA & Studios; Negotiations "In the Final Stretch" As Deal Looks Close
Deadline reports that both sides expressed confidence a deal may be reached within days, but as before cautioned the situation is still fluid. 10/30/23

SAG-AFTRA Negotiators Keep Talking, but No Deal Reached Yet
Variety reports that the union presented its latest proposal to the studios on Saturday. The two sides were said to be engaged in "productive" talks through the weekend. 10/30/23

Thousands of SAG Members Sign Letter in Solidarity With Actors Strike: "We Have Not Come All This Way to Cave Now"
From Hollywood Reporter: The letter comes at a critical time as talks between the union and the AMPTP resumed this week. 10/26/23

IATSE Members, Small Businesses Feeling Pain Amid Strike: "People Are Losing Their Whole Livelihoods"
From Hollywood Reporter: Union members hosted a rally at Los Angeles City Hall as their unemployment benefits expire, pushing government officials to offer more assistance amid the actors' strike.10/26/23

SAG-AFTRA Responds to Studios, as Some Progress Seen Toward Ending Strike
Variety reports that on On Thursday, SAG-AFTRA reduced its demand for a first-year increase in minimum rates from 11% to 9%. That inched closer to the studios' position, which stands at 7%. Still, some cautioned against getting overly optimistic. 10/26/23

SAG-AFTRA Reschedules Bargaining Session, Saying Union Needs More Time for Response to Latest Offer
Variety reports that the planned Wednesday bargaining session between SAG-AFTRA and the AMPTP was pushed back a day after the union told management it needed more time to respond to the latest offer put on the table. 10/25/23

SAG-AFTRA, Studios to Return to Negotiations on Wednesday
From Hollywood Reporter: Talks over a new three-year contract resumed on Tuesday, Oct. 24, at SAG-AFTRA's national headquarters after a nearly two-week pause. 10/24/23

Inside the A-List Pressure Campaign and Powerful Call That Brought SAG-AFTRA and Studios Back to the Table
From Hollywood Reporter: After Ben Affleck, Jennifer Aniston, George Clooney and other A-list talent lobbied to get back to dealmaking, a call between Bob Iger and Duncan Crabtree-Ireland broke the impasse. Says Fran Drescher, "I don't need to emulate male energy to be an effective leader." 10/24/23

SAG-AFTRA, Studios to Return to Negotiations on Tuesday
From Holllywood Reporter: Labor and management last broke off discussions on Oct. 11, with the AMPTP saying that the gap between both sides was "too great" to continue discussions. 10/21/23

Hollywood's Actors Strike Is Nearing Its 100th Day. Why Hasn't a Deal Been Reached and What's Next?
The Associated Press looks at where things stand with the SAG-AFTRA strike, how its stretched-out standoff compares to past strikes and what happens next. 10/19/23

SAG-AFTRA's Fran Drescher Responds to George Clooney-led Plan to Accelerate End to Actors Strike: It "Does Not Impact the Contract"
From Hollywood Reporter: The union president took to Instagram on Thursday, Oct. 19, to clarify "confusion in the press" about negotiations. 10/19/23

Hollywood's Biggest Stars Offer to Kick In $150M Over Three Years in Dues to Help End Actors Strike Stalemate
Deadline reports that a group of Hollywood's biggest stars laid out to SAG-AFTRA leaders a groundbreaking proposal that amounts to the town's biggest earners defraying the costs to AMPTP signatories by eliminating the cap on membership dues, to be used to bolster health benefits and other areas SAG-AFTRA is trying to shore up. 10/19/23

How Much Los Angeles' Film and TV Production Fell Amid Strikes
From Hollywood Reporter: The three-month period from July to September saw 5,311 shoot days in the area, which represents a roughly 41 percent decline from the same quarter last year. 10/17/23

SAG-AFTRA Strike Hangs on $480 Million Gap Between Actors and Studios on Streaming Pay
Variety reports that the two sides are at odds on other issues as well, including artificial intelligence and increases in minimum rates. 10/17/23

Hollywood Unions Call on Studios to Resume Talks With SAG-AFTRA
Variety reports that, in a statement, the unions — which include the WGA, DGA and IATSE — argued that the AMPTP should realize that in dealing with SAG-AFTRA, "more is needed than proposals which merely replicate the terms negotiated with other unions." 10/13/23

SAG-AFTRA Picketing Canceled for Friday Over Potential Safety Concerns
Deadline reports that, amidst calls for a day of protest by Islamic leaders, the guild has canceled plans to picket on Friday in Los Angeles and New York. 10/12/23

How SAG-AFTRA Talks Collapsed: 'I Was Taken Completely By Surprise,' Union Chief Says
Variety reports that It is not clear how long it will take for talks to resume, but insiders are privately predicting that it could be weeks or even months. 10/12/23

SAG-AFTRA Accuses Studios of "Bully Tactics" as Talks Suspended
From Hollywood Reporter: In a reponse to the AMPTP's Oct. 11 release, SAG-AFTRA wrote, "The companies are using the same failed strategy they tried to inflict on the WGA — putting out misleading information in an attempt to fool our members into abandoning our solidarity and putting pressure on our negotiators." 10/12/23

Studios Say SAG-AFTRA Talks Suspended: Gap Between Parties Is "Too Great."
From Hollywood Reporter: In an Oct. 11 press release, the AMPTP said, "After meaningful conversations, it is clear that the gap between the AMPTP and SAG-AFTRA is too great, and conversations are no longer moving us in a productive direction." 10/11/23

Directors Guild to Members: Our Contract Deal Was Good, Too
From Hollywood Reporter: The union, which represents directors, assistant directors, unit production managers and stage managers, touted its 2023 contract's gains in a new message to members. 10/11/23

SAG-AFTRA, Studios to Resume Negotiations Wednesday
From Hollywood Reporter: The actors' union and the AMPTP released a joint statement update on the progress of the talks. 10/9/23

Writers Guild Ratifies Strike-Ending Contract With Studios
From Hollywood Reporter: Ninety-nine percent of WGA members voted to support the contract in a vote that ended on Monday. 10/9/23

SAG-AFTRA Negotiations to Continue Friday, Next Week
From Hollywood Reporter: Meanwhile, the union and the AMPTP will be "working internally over the weekend," according to a joint statement. 10/4/23

AI, Residuals and Minimums on Table as SAG-AFTRA, AMPTP Hold First Contract Talks Since Strike Began
Variety reports that SAG-AFTRA and negotiators for the AMPTP are expected to meet around midday at the union’s Miracle Mile headquarters at SAG-AFTRA Plaza. 10/1/23

Newsom Vetoes Bill Giving Unemployment Benefits to Workers on Strike
Variety reports that California Gov. Gavin Newsom vetoed the bill, which was backed by the WGA and SAG-AFTRA. “Now is not the time to increase costs or incur this sizable debt,” he wrote in his veto message. 10/1/23

Will the Writers Guild Deal Expedite SAG-AFTRA's Negotiations?
From Hollywood Reporter: On issues like AI and compensating creatives for streaming successes, the writers have some crossover with the actors, though chief negotiator Duncan Crabtree-Ireland has emphasized that "our members have their own unique interests, concerns and experiences." 9/29/23

SAG-AFTRA & Studios to Meet Monday
Deadline reports that SAG-AFTRA and the AMPTP released a joint statement Wednesday evening, Sep. 27, saying that both sides will come back to the table on Monday, October 2. 9/27/23

Many Writers See Tentative Deal as Blueprint for Hollywood's Future
From Hollywood Reporter: "What the guild has done here has cracked the door open," says Night Agent showrunner Shawn Ryan as scribes assess the agreement that includes protections against the use of AI, data transparency, residuals tied to streaming success and guarantees for the minimum size of writers rooms. 9/27/23

'We Caused Them Pain': The Inside Story of How the WGA and AMPTP Negotiated a 'Great Deal' to End the Writers' Strike
Variety goes behind the scenes of the negotiations between the WGA and AMPTP. 9/27/23

TV Business Faces Further Contraction As Marketplace Reopens: "The Bubble Has Burst"
Deadline reports that for televison writers going back to work television, it's not clear what kind of business and marketplace they will be going back to. 9/27/23

New WGA Contract Explained: AI Is Not a Writer, Solo Scribe Shows Don't Need Minimum Staff and More
Variety gives a rundown of the key issues that have been settled in the tentative agreement that the WGA reached Sept. 24 with the AMPTP. 9/27/23

Writers Guild Strike to End Wednesday: Leadership Votes to Conclude Historic Work Stoppage
From Hollywood Reporter: The 148-day writers’ strike, the second longest in WGA history, will conclude at 12:01 am PT Wednesday, Sep. 27, thanks to a vote from guild leadership that officially authorized some 11,500 members to return to work. 9/26/23

Movies, TV Shows Brace for Post-Strike Talent Scheduling Crunch
From Hollywood Reporter: When the work stoppage finally ends, expect to see jockeying for stars and crews as projects fight for priority status. 9/26/23

How the Writers' Deal Got Done: Inside the Room
From Hollywood Reporter: From the Chris Keyser-CEO calls that brought them back to the table to the ask that almost derailed the deal, a play-by-play of the final negotiations. 9/26/23

SAG-AFTRA & Studios Could Meet Within Days
Deadline reports that, according to sources, SAG-AFTRA leaders have penciled in meetings with the AMPTP by the end of next week. 9/26/23

SAG-AFTRA Members Vote in Favor of Video Game Strike Authorization
Variety reports that SAG-AFTRA members have voted 98.32% in favor of the strike authorization against 10 major video game companies, with 34,687 members casting ballots, representing 27.47% of eligible voters. The authorization does not guarantee a work stoppage will occur, but the vote permits union negotiators to call for a strike for a new Interactive Media Agreement if necessary. 9/25/23

2023-24 Broadcast Season Saved After WGA Deal: Here Is When Scripted Series Will Return, Why Some May Be Held & Others Canceled
Deadline reports that while the actors' strike still needs to be resolved and the writers' deal still needs to be voted on and ratified, there is optimism that the majority of network dramas and comedies will be able to launch in the new year. 9/25/23

Hollywood's Focus Turns to Actors After Writers Agree to Deal
The New York Times reports that the studios and SAG-AFTRA haven't spoken for more than two months, but a deal is needed before the entertainment industry can fully return. 9/25/23

Late Night Talk Shows Could Return As Soon As Early October, Post-WGA Strike
Variety reports that, according to insiders, some late-night producers are already emailing staff members about coming back to work ASAP — perhaps as soon as Tuesday, Sep. 26, depending on what happens next at the WGA. 9/24/23

SAG-AFTRA Congratulates WGA on Tentative Deal, Urges Studios to Return to Table with Actors
Deadline reports that SAG-AFTRA, which has been walking with the writers since day one of the WGA strike, was quick to congratulate the WGA after reaching a tentative agreement on a deal, adding that it remains on strike and urged the AMPTP to get back to the table with the actors to "achieve the necessary terms" for its members. 9/24/23

Writers Guild Reaches Tentative Agreement with Studios and Streamers
From Hollywood Reporter: In a significant development that could bring an end to a historic writers' strike, the WGA and AMPTP announced a provisional deal on Sunday, Sep. 24. 9/24/23

WGA, AMPTP to Meet Sunday After Guild Presented With 'Best and Final' Offer
Variety reports that the AMPTP and WGA are set to meet again Sunday, Sep. 24, after four consecutive days of negotiations designed to secure a new three-year contract and bring the nearly five-month writers strike to an end. 9/23/23

AMPTP Gives WGA Its Best and Final Offer, Guild Expected to Respond Sunday
Variety reports that the AMPTP sent a last, best and final offer to WGA negotiators around 5 p.m. PT., Sep. 23, after four days of intense negotiations to secure a new three-year contract and bring the nearly five-month writers strike to an end. Focus was finalizing the fine print of language for complicated and cutting-edge contract issues. 9/23/23

Writers Turn Out in Force On Picket Lines Amid Hopes of a Deal Breakthrough
From Hollywood Reporter: Cautious optimism abounded on Sep. 22 as more than a thousand demonstrators marched at Disney and picket lines extended their hours in support of the WGA's negotiating committee. 9/22/23

Residuals Are Key to Nearly Every Strike in Hollywood History — Here's Why
Variety reports that residuals have been a key issue in nearly every strike in Hollywood over the last 71 years. With the transition to streaming, residuals are once again at the center of controversy. 9/21/23

WGA Talks Will Continue Thursday After 'Encouraging' Session
Variety reports that talks on Wednesday, Sep. 20 — which included CEOs Bob Iger of Disney, Ted Sarandos of Netflix, Donna Langley of NBCUniversal and David Zaslav of Warner Bros. Discovery — will resume on Thursday, Sep. 21. 9/20/23

As Talks Resume, the Collateral Strike Damage Piles Up
Deadline reports that for bystanders and the peripherally involved, the stand-off between companies and Hollywood's striking writers and actors has been hell. 9/18/23

WGA Negotiations to Restart on Wednesday
Variety reports that the WGA will meet on Wednesday, September 20, with the AMPTP, as negotiations resume after a monthlong hiatus. 9/18/23

WGA Showrunners' Strike Fund Donations Near $500K; Boots Riley, Lilly Wachowski & 'TWD's Angela Kang Among Contributors
Deadline reports that following an initial $200,000 culled from a group of veteran showrunners, around 250 showrunners have contributed more than $260,000 more as of Septembet 18, bringing the total to nearly $500,000 to date. 9/18/23

WGA Meeting With Concerned Showrunners Has Been Postponed
Variety reports that a meeting that had been scheduled for September 15 between the leaders of the WGA and a group of concerned showrunners has been postponed as the guild prepares to resume contract bargaining talks with Hollywood's major studios next week. 9/15/23

Studios Claim Writers Guild Negotiations Could Restart Next Week
From Hollywood Reporter: In a statement, the AMPTP said, "Every member company of the AMPTP is committed and eager to reach a fair deal, and to working together with the WGA to end the strike." 9/14/23

Marvel Visual Effects Workers Unanimously Vote "Yes" to Unionize
From Hollywood Reporter: IATSE aims to form a national VFX Local by year's end. 9/13/23

Writers Guild to Meet With Showrunners on Friday as Strike Enters 20th Week
From Hollywood Reporter: Some of the television's top creators are set to meet with the WGA's top leadership on Friday for a high-level status update on where negotiations stand. 9/12/23

Can Talk Shows Continue During Hollywood Strikes Without Being Scabs? The Answers Are Tricky
Variety reports on programs such as The View, The Drew Barrymore Show and others remaining in production during the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, including a rundown of what is and isn’t allowed under guild guidelines. 9/11/23

Entertainment Workers Pull $44 Million From Retirement Plans Amid Strikes
Variety reports that nearly 3,000 workers have filed for hardship withdrawals, according to an update circulated on September 8 by the Motion Picture Industry Pension and Health Plans. The average withdrawal is about $15,000. 9/11/223

Writers Guild Suggests Studios Should Split From Streamers in Latest Update on AMPTP Standoff
From Hollywood Reporter: In a response the night of September 8, the AMPTP argued that its member companies were "aligned" and are "negotiating together to reach a resolution." 9/8/23

Fran Drescher Re-Elected SAG-AFTRA President
From Hollywood Reporter: Incumbent secretary-treasurer Joely Fisher was also re-appointed to another two-year term in a momentous, strike-era election. 9/8/23

Writers Guild Suggests Studios Should Split From Streamers in Latest Update on AMPTP Standoff
From Hollywood Reporter: In an update to members, the WGA suggested that studio member companies of the AMPTP break off from the organization and negotiate individual deals with the union. 9/8/23

WGA Tells Members That Several Companies Have Privately Expressed "Desire & Willingness" to Negotiate a Deal to End Writers Strike
Deadline reports that one studio executive even told the guild that "they needed a deal badly," the WGA said. 9/8/23

WGA: Studios Should Soften Stance or Break Away From 'Broken AMPTP Model' to End Strike
Variety reports that the WGA suggested that legacy studios that want a "fair deal" with writers will have to either assert their interests within the studio alliance, or break away from the "broken AMPTP model." 9/8/23

Dispatches from the Picket Lines: WGA & SAG-AFTRA Rally to Support California Granting Unemployment Benefits to Striking Workers; NYC Event Focuses on Climate Change
Deadline reports on guild rallies on both coasts. 9/7/23

"We're Not Invisible": Disabled SAG-AFTRA and WGA Members on Accessibility Challenges — and Solutions — at the Picket Lines
From Hollywood Reporter: From record-breaking temperatures to environmental hazards, performers and writers with disabilities discuss what they're facing on the line and how they're working to create a more inclusive strike.

Record Number of Hollywood Workers Facing Evictions, Seeking Rent Assistance Amid Strikes
From Hollywood Reporter: Actors, writers and crewmembers are being hit by both the work stoppage and an end to Covid tenant protections, as MPTF president Bob Beitcher says, "We're talking to people who are living in their cars, in some cases with their families." 8/5/23

Warner Bros. Discovery Says It Will Take $300 Million-$500 Million Hit in 2023 Earnings Due to Dual WGA/SAG-AFTRA Strikes
Variety reports that in an August 5 SEC filing Tuesday, the media giant stated it was expecting lower adjusted earnings for the full year between $10.5-$11 billion, based on the projection that the continuing WGA and SAG-AFTRA work stoppages will mean a hit of $300 to $500 million for the company. 8/5/23

WGA Says in Labor Day Message That Companies "In Process of Wrestling Amongst Themselves" for Deal to End Strikes
Deadline reports on a Labor Day video from the WGA leadership to its members. 9/4/23

Film and TV Business Sheds 17,000 Jobs in August as Strike Impact Hits Hollywood Labor Force
From Hollywood Reporter: The U.S. government's Bureau of Labor Statistics released the number in its August employment report. 9/1/23

California State Treasurer Tells Media CEOs to "Return To Negotiations, Work Toward Fair Deal with Writers and Actors"
Deadline reports that California Treasurer Fiona Ma has sent letters to the CEOs of seven Hollywood studios urging a return to the bargaining table with the WGA and SAG-AFTRA to end the strike that has shut down much of the entertainment industry and is taking a major toll on the California economy. 9/1/23

The Walking Dead Spinoffs & Interview with the Vampire to Resume Production as AMC Networks Strikes Significant Agreements with SAG-AFTRA
Deadline reports that three series are part of interim agreements between the guild and the cable network that will allow filming to resume. 8/31/23

Hollywood Strikes to Cost U.S. Economy $5 Billion-Plus Amid Lost Wages, Film Delays
Yahoo Finance reports that, according to estimates from the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corp., the 2007-2008 strike cost the Los Angeles County economy a whopping $2.5 billion. That likely will double this time around. 8/30/23

SAG-AFTRA Health Plan Extends Coverage for Members Who Lost Work Due to WGA Strike
Deadline reports that trustees of the SAG-AFTRA Health Plan have unanimously agreed to a one-calendar-quarter extension of health coverage for certain qualified participants who would otherwise lose coverage on Oct. 1, 2023. The extension accounts for jobs that may have been lost in May and June of this year due to the WGA strike. 8/30/23

Directors Guild Foundation Donates $100,000 to MPTF to Support Crew Members Affected by Strikes
Variety reports that the donation is an addition to DGF's existing assistance efforts, which includes its interest-free loan program and the DGA's emergency relief grants for its members. 8/30/23

Late-Night Hosts Switch to Podcasting to Fund Out-of-Work Staff; Colbert, Fallon, Kimmel, Meyers & Oliver Set Spotify Series
Deadline reports that proceeds from the show, which launches on August 30, will go to out-of-work staff from the hosts' shows. 8/29/23

Entertainment Community Fund Has Distributed More Than $5.4 Million in Financial Aid to Industry Workers Since Start of WGA Strike
Deadline reports that the Fund has distributed more than $5.4 million to more than 2,600 film and TV workers during the strikes — up from more that $4.7 million granted to 2,300-plus workers just a week ago. 8/28/23

Walt Disney Pictures VFX Workers Move to Unionize
Variety reports that this marks only the second time in history that VFX professionals have joined together to demand the same protections and rights as their colleagues. 8/28/23

Talks Between Writers, Studios at a Standstill After Week of Trading Barbs
From Hollywood Reporter: There is no date to return to the negotiating table as the WGA strike heads into its 18th week. 8/25/23

Striking Writers and Actors Vow to Keep Up the Fight: ‘We’re Digging Our Heels in Harder’
Variety reports on the solidarity amidst the WGA and SAG-AFTRA as the strikes continue. 8/25/23

AMPTP Hires New Crisis PR Firm as Strikes Go On
From Hollywood Reporter: As talks with the WGA stall, the studio trade association has retained D.C.-based firm The Levinson Group to pursue a fresh messaging strategy. 8/25/23

Amid Strikes, Food Drive for Hollywood Workers Serves 1,000 Households as Lost Wages Add Up
From Hollywood Reporter: Out-of-work and financially precarious workers participated in a food distribution event organized by IATSE and the Teamsters Local 399. 8/24/23

For Stunt Workers, the SAG-AFTRA Strike Is About Equal Pay: "The Residual Model Is Outdated"
From Hollywood Reporter: As the guild fights for increased compensation and stunt coordinators and performers seek parity, they note that their work on set is essential: "I have to make sure that everything that I do doesn't kill somebody." 8/24/23

WGA Slams Latest Studio Offer & Meeting as Attempt to Make Guild "Cave"; "Not to Bargain, but to Jam Us"
Deadline reports that, just hours after studios and streamers made public their latest "comprehensive package" toward a deal with the striking WGA, the guild has responded — and it seems the AMPTP and top CEOs might have overplayed their hand strategically. 8/23/23

Studios Reveal New Proposal to Striking Writers on Data Transparency, AI and Residuals
From Hollywood Reporter: The AMPTP released a six-page memo outlining the offer. 8/22/23

AMPTP and WGA to Meet Again Next Week
Variety reports that the WGA and AMPTP met again on August 18, but the sides appeared to make little progress toward ending the strike. In a message to its members, the guild confirmed that the sides plan to gather again next week. 8/18/23

WGA and AMPTP Meet Again; CEOs to Talk Friday About Path to Ending Strike
Variety reports that, after the WGA and AMPTP met on Thursday, August 16, the CEOs of the major studios are expected to hold a joint call on Friday, August 17, to discuss the next move in the talks. 8/17/23

Black Writers, Already Challenged in Entertainment Industry, Impacted More by WGA Strike
The Los Angeles Sentinel reports that, according to Dr. Darnell Hunt, UCLA's executive vice chancellor and provost and lead author of the "Hollywood Diversity Report," Black writers "are probably at higher risk than any other group of losing their livelihoods." 8/17/23

Staffers at Video Game Studio Workinman Interactive File to Unionize Under IATSE in Historic Move
From Hollywood Reporter: Staffers at Workinman Interactive have filed a petition to unionize under the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees. If it succeeds, it would be the first video game worker union under IATSE in the U.S. 8/17/23

Hollywood Crew Are "Forgotten Casualties" in Strike, MPTF Chief Says in Call for Financial Aid
From Hollywood Reporter: Motion Picture & Television Fund president and CEO Bob Beitcher wrote an open letter to the industry on Thursday, August 16, calling for greater support of below-the-line crewmembers amid the writers' and actors' strikes. 8/17/23

WGA Report: Disney, Amazon, and Netflix Are the 'New Gatekeepers' of Media
Variety reports on a WGA study that says calling Netflix, Amazon and Disney the "new gatekeepers" of the media business, and calling for antitrust regulators to prevent consolidation in the streaming marketplace. 8/17/23

Ken Ziffren on Writers' Strike: Tuesday's Meeting "Did Not Move the Ball Forward"
From Hollywood Reporter: The top entertainment attorney pointed to the deal struck by the DGA as a template for the studios' impasse with the WGA and SAG-AFTRA. 8/16/23

WGA Response to Studios Indicates No Quick End to Strike
Variety reports that the WGA bent slightly on a few items, according to sources. But the union negotiators did not offer the significant concessions that the studio side was looking for in response to its own offer. 8/15/23

WGA & AMPTP Meeting Ends with "Mixed Results"
Deadline reports that no details have emerged as to whether the parties will meet for further talks or if more proposals will be offered. 8/15/23

Marvel Studios VFX Crews Set Vote Date for Unionizing with IATSE
Deadline reports that IATSE chief Matthew Loeb confirmed that the National Labor Relations Board will conduct the balloting from August 21 to September 11 and ballots will be counted on September 12. 8/15/23

SAG-AFTRA "Remains Very Eager" to Return to Bargaining Table with AMPTP
Deadline reports that, in a press conference with reporters, Duncan Crabtree-Ireland, SAG-AFTRA's national executive director and chief negotiator, said that "we remain very eager to get back to the table with the AMPTP, as we've said every day" since the actors' strike began. 8/15/23

Restart of WGA-AMPTP Talks Brings Hope as Window for Meaningful Seasons of Scripted Broadcast Series Narrows
Deadline reports on Labor Day as a threshold for the writers' work stoppage to end in order for the networks to air meaningful seasons of their original live-action scripted series of at least 13 episodes. 8/15/23

AMPTP Would Give Showrunners Latitude to Set Size of TV Writing Staff
Variety reports that the studios addressed the WGA's demand for a TV staff minimum. 8/14/23

SAG-AFTRA to Exclude Writers Guild-Covered Projects Produced in U.S. From Interim Agreement Eligibility
From Hollywood Reporter: The decision followed "several productive and collaborative meetings" with the WGA, which is also on strike and not offering such deals. 8/14/23

AMPTP Makes Counterproposal to WGA; Negotiations Recess but Will Resume Next Week
Deadline reports that, after their first day of bargaining since the Writers Guild went on strike May 2, the AMPTP and the WGA have recessed their negotiations until next week after the companies made a counterproposal to the guild's proposals. 8/11/23

How Long Will Hollywood Strikes Last? The Guesses Are Depressing
Vanity Fair speaks with five insiders who share their theories about when we'll have peace in our time. 8/11/23

Writers Guild Sets New Negotiations Session With Studios, Streamers for Aug. 11
From Hollywood Reporter: The WGA informed members that the AMPTP requested the meeting in response to the guild's proposals that were outlined Aug. 4 in the so-called talks about talking. 8/10/23

California Economy Lost $3 Billion in First 100 Days of WGA Strike, Economist Says
TheWrap reports that the figure could climb to $5 billion if the strike lasts until October, according to a Cal State Northridge professor's estimate. 8/10/23

SAG-AFTRA Tells Members That Interim Agreements Are "Literally the Opposite of Waivers"
From Hollywood Reporter: SAG-AFTRA has unpacked its position behind interim agreements, with leadership explaining they're a critical part of its strategy to "undermine the production slates and timing of the AMPTP companies and ensure that they come back to the table." 8/9/23

For Actors Podcasting During a Strike, Speaking Out of Turn Is the Big Concern
From Hollywood Reporter: Under SAG-AFTRA's strict strike guidelines, a few popular rewatch podcasts forge ahead — either pivoting the subject matter or leaning on union permission slips.

WGA Calls Day 100 of Writers Strike a "Milestone Of Shame" for AMPTP, but Optimism for a Deal Remains
Deadline reports on the writers' strike reaching Day 100 — the point at which the last WGA walkout ended in 2008. 8/9/23

Behind the Brawl Over Streaming Revenue Sharing for Actors
From Hollywood Reporter: When a film or show tops viewership charts, SAG-AFTRA wants a cut for performers. The studios (and platforms) are holding out so far. 8/9/23

Confusion in Hollywood as Some Productions Are Allowed to Continue
The New York Times reports that SAG-AFTRA is granting waivers to some projects not affiliated with the major studios, but questions persist about who qualifies and why. 8/9/23

DGA Introduces Free Major Medical Coverage for Qualifying Members Amid Industry Strikes
Variety reports that, with the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes ongoing, the DGA has instituted a free major medical plan for members that fall under certain eligibility requirements. 8/7/23

IATSE Commits Additional $2 Million to Aid Members Impacted by Ongoing Strikes, Bringing Total to $4 Million
Deadline reports that IATSE has allocated another $2 million to support its members who have been negatively affected by the ongoing SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes, bringing the total committed to $4 million since June. 8/7/23

WGA Introduces New Health Care Demands That Could Prolong Strike
Deadline reports that demands include a point that the companies agree to "a health care benefit extension" that would give striking writers more time to qualify for the health coverage that many face losing because of a lack of earnings during the work-stoppage. 8/5/23

WGA & AMPTP Can't Agree to Resume Negotiations; Strike to Go on Indefinitely
Deadline reports that after meeting for the first time in more than three months, the WGA and the AMPTP failed to reach an agreement to resume contract negotiations. 8/4/23

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass Says She's Ready to "Personally Engage" to Resolve Strikes, Calls WGA-AMPTP Meeting an "Encouraging Development"
Deadline notes that Bass has not taken sides in the walkout, a contrast to other Democrats who have walked the picket lines. She had previously helped mediate an end to a strike of service workers at the Los Angeles Unified School District. 8/4/23

Digital Replicas, a Fear of Striking Actors, Already Fill Screens
The New York Times reports that the technology for morphing flesh-and-blood performers into virtual avatars has been improving for years. Now it has become an issue in the actors' strike. 8/4/23

Hollywood Food Insecurity Spikes Amid Strikes
From Hollywood Reporter: As the labor impasse continues, charities say growing numbers of the industry's most vulnerable are unable to feed themselves. 8/4/23

The Big Number: $15 Million
The New York Times reports on a donation campaign started by some of the entertainment industry's biggest stars to help performers whose net worths are much lower. The amount raised so far: $15 million. 8/4/23

Studios Respond to WGA's "Calculated Disinformation," "Tired Playbook" Remarks; "Rhetoric Is Unfortunate," AMPTP Says Ahead of Friday Meeting
Deadline reports on the AMPTP's response to the WGA's mesage to its members prior to resuming talks. 8/3/23

Writers Guild Tells Members That Studios May Not Be Serious About Restarting Talks to Make a Deal
From Hollywood Reporter: After the WGA sent a cautionary message about the studios' "playbook," the AMPTP said, "Our only playbook is getting people back to work." 8/3/23

Writers React to AMPTP's Overture to Restart Talks: "We'll Be Picketing Until It's Real
From Hollywood Reporter: Striking writers expressed both guarded optimism and wary skepticism as to why AMPTP president Carol Lombardini chose now to reach back out to the WGA to renew discussions: 8/2/23

Writers Strike: AMPTP, WGA Set Meeting to Discuss Resuming Long-Stalled Contract Talks
Variety reports that, accoring to sources, Carol Lombardini, president of the AMPTP, reached out to her counterpart at the WGA in an effort to restart negotiations. That is the first communication between the two sides since May 1, when talks broke off and the WGA voted to go on strike. 8/1/23

"The Optics Are Just Crazy": Inside the Strikes' Unpredictable Emmy FYC Impact
From Hollywood Reporter: In the absence of traditional promotional opportunities due to the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, Emmy Awards strategists must negotiate limited options with perception concerns as the second phase of voting approaches. 8/1/23

Emmy Awards Postponed Amid Actor and Writer Strikes
From Hollywood Reporter: The Television Academy and Fox are pushing back the date of the ceremony as the two guilds continue standoffs with the studios. 7/27/23

Publicists Call For SAG-AFTRA To "Loosen Stranglehold" On Promotion Rules; Guild Cites "Difficult Fight" Against Studios
Deadline reports that, after a July 25 meeting with guild leaders, including National Executive Director and Chief Negotiator Duncan Crabtree-Ireland, many firms were outraged when Crabtree-Ireland apologized for the impact of the strike on their businesses, while at the same time admitting that the labor fallout will lead to "collateral damage" for people in the industry like themselves. 7/27/23

Gavin Newsom Could Help End Hollywood Strikes — But Not Yet
Deadline reports that the California governor is prepared to step in to try to broker a deal between the WGA, SAG-AFTRA and the AMPTP if there is no significant movement by the fall. 7/27/23

If Hollywood Gets Worse for Workers, It Will Get Worse for Disabled Workers First
Los Angeles Times reports on disabled writers who have received funding from Inevitable Foundation, a group striving to empower mid-level disabled screenwriters. Their hope is to destigmatize disability and diversify culture by focusing on the root of who tells stories in Hollywood.

As Dual Strikes Hit Hollywood, Joe Biden Avoids L.A. for a Fundraising Swing
Deadline reports that, according to sources, there are concerns of the president trekking to an event where he would be mired in the politics surrounding the labor impasse, or that he would be seen taking money from studio sources, given his pro-union stance. 7/27/23

Inside the Battle for a New Streaming Residuals Model: Data, Transparency & "A Fight For Power"
Deadline looks at one of the major sticking points in the current guild strikes: how performers and writers should be compensated for work they create for streaming services. 7/27/23

Hollywood Strike Leaves Influencers Sidelined and Confused
The New York Times reports that despite not being in the actors' union, many content creators are passing up deals to promote films or TV shows because they don't want to be barred from the guild or face online vitriol. 7/26/23

WGA Says Studios Are Locked in “Mutual Suicide Pact” as Their Negotiating Strategy Has Resulted in "Spectacular Failure"
Deadline reports that WGA negotiating committee co-chair Chris Keyser said in a video message to members that the only way for the companies to end the ongoing strike is to come back to the bargaining table and address all of the guild's demands. 7/26/23

The Strike's Side Effect: A Cash Hoard for Studios
From Hollywood Reporter: As the industry enters earnings season amid a double walkout, it's becoming clear that, in the short term, the work stoppage is adding to struck companies' bottom line. What will CEOs do with the windfall? 7/26/23

As Stars Strike, Streamers Debate Shelving Shows
From Hollywood Reporter: With talent unable to do press and content pipelines at risk of running dry, executives at every major streamer are quietly debating the pros and cons of holding back completed series. 7/26/23

Publicists and SAG-AFTRA Set to Meet as Midsize PR Firms Are Getting Crushed by Strike
From Hollywood Reporter: The strike has precluded actors from doing promotional press and film festival appearances, leading some to go on hiatus from their reps. One firm's proprietor says business is already down 80 percent and layoffs can only be fended off until September or October. 7/24/23

Not Just Writers and Actors: Crew Workers Struggle Through Hollywood’s Summer of Strikes
Los Angeles Times reports that tens of thousands of film and TV workers are caught in the crosshairs as the battle between studios and writers and actors has ground Hollywood to a halt. 7/24/23

Hollywood Strikes Mean Steady Diet of Reruns, Game Shows and Reality TV
The New York Times reports that TV viewers across the U.S. will see fewer new scripted shows, a trend that could continue well into next year if the walkouts continue. 7/24/23

Why SAG-AFTRA's Streaming Revenue Sharing Proposal for Casts Was Flatly Rejected by AMPTP
From Hollywood Reporter: The AMPTP offered its take on SAG-AFTRA's asks and its responses, saying that the ultimate package it offered the union on July 12 was worth more than $1 billion in compensation and benefits increases. 7/21/23

A Casual Viewer's Guide to the SAG-AFTRA Strike
From Hollywood Reporter: Why are actors on strike? What does The Nanny have to do with it? How will movies and TV shows be affected? 7/20/23

Showstopper! Strikes Plunge Hollywood Into Chaos With Pricey Movie Delays, Pay Battles and AI Anxiety
Variety reports on the state of the film and television industry amid dual work stoppages. 7/19/23

Los Angeles On-Location Filming During WGA Strike Plunges to Lowest Levels Since Early Days of Covid, FilmLA Says
Deadline reports that on-location filming in Los Angeles has contracted during the WGA strike to levels not seen since the the Covid pandemic, according to FilmLA. 7/19/23

In Hollywood's Labor Tumult, Directors Stand Apart
The New York Times reports that the DGA agreed to a deal with the studios last month. With actors and writers on strike, the industry is shut down anyway. 7/18/23

SAG-AFTRA Strike FAQ: How the Rules Apply to Influencers, Journalists, Cosplayers and More
Variety answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the SAG-AFTRA work stoppage. 7/17/23

SAG-AFTRA Reveals What It Claims Were Unresolved Negotiations Issues with Studios
From Hollywood Reporter: SAG-AFTRA and the AMPTP were at odds over wage increases and streamer revenue sharing but found a compromise on some self-taped audition restrictions, according to the union. 7/17/23

Labor Day Looms as Crisis Point in Hollywood Stalemate
The New York Times reports that ongoing strikes could disrupt the entertainment industry in fundamental ways, putting the 2024 box office and the fall broadcast lineup in jeopardy. 7/17/23

Settling Strike with Unions Could Cost Studios $450-$600 Million, Moody’s Estimates
Broadcasting + Cable reports that Moody’s Investors Service is expecting the strike by the WGA and SAG-AFTRA to last a relatively long time and result in incremental costs of between $450 million and $600 million to media companies when it is settled. 7/17/23

Barry Diller Says Executives and Top-Paid Actors Should Take a 25 Percent Pay Cut, Warns of Industry Collapse If Strikes Not Settled by Sept.
From Hollywood Reporter: Barry Diller, chairman and senior executive of IAC and Expedia Group and former Hollywood studio chief, says top execs and the highest-paid stars should take a 25 percent pay cut to narrow the gap between their salaries and those at the lower end of the pay scale. 7/16/23

In Hollywood, the Strikes Are Just Part of the Problem
The New York Times reports that the entertainment industry is trying to figure out the economics of streaming. It's also facing angst over a tech-powered future and fighting to stay culturally dominant. 7/15/23

SAG-AFTRA Strike: Negotiations Cratered Over AI, Streaming Revenue Sharing, Pay Hikes and More
Variety reports that that the parties are at odds on dozens of issues, only a handful of which have been publicly reported, and breaks down the disagreements — both major and minor — that led to the strike. 7/15/23

Why Daytime Soap Operas Won't Be Impacted by the SAG-AFTRA Strike reports that, as the strike goes on, soap opera actors and some other daytime TV employees will be "legally required to fulfill the obligations" of their jobs due to their Netcode contract. 7/14/23

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass Says SAG-AFTRA Strike "Affects All of Us," Calls for Sides to Come Back to Table to Reach "Equitable Agreement"
Deadline reports that Bass called the SAG-AFTRA strike a "historic inflection point" that will have an impact on the overall economy, while suggesting that she would be working on a resolution. But unlike some other Democrats, she did not explicitly side with labor or management. 7/14/23

Podcast: Actors Go on Strike
On the podcast The Town, host Matt Belloni speaks with his Puck Media colleague Jonathan Handel about the failed negotiations between the studios and SAG-AFTRA. They discuss where the talks broke down, what is likely to happen from here, and more. 7/13/23

What SAG-AFTRA Strike Means for Summer Productions, Fall Premieres, Comic-Con and Q2 Earnings
Variety reports on the impact of the SAG-AFTRA strike on production, content scheduling, events, corporate earnings and more. 7/13/23

SAG-AFTRA Issues Strike Rules with Walkout Set to Begin at Midnight
Deadline reports that as SAG-AFTRA prepares to go on strike Thursday at midnight and to begin picketing outside studio gates Friday morning, the guild has sent members its strike rules, which order them to "cease rendering all services and performing all work" covered by the TV/Theatrical Contracts. 7/13/23

SAG-AFTRA Calls History-Making Strike as Talks with Studios Collapse
The development will likely bring all remaining U.S. union physical production to a halt as Hollywood's writers also continue their work stoppage. 7/13/23

SAG-AFTRA Officially Calls Strike As National Board Approves Guild's First Walkout Against Film & TV Industry Since 1980
Deadline reports SAG-AFTRA's national board voted unanimously this morning to launch the guild's first strike against the film and television industry since 1980. The strike is set to begin tonight one minute past midnight, with picketing at all the major studios. 7/13/23

SAG-AFTRA Contract Talks Fail to Reach Deal; National Board Meeting Thursday Morning to Launch Strike; Sides Issue Statements
Deadline reports that contract negotiations between SAG-AFTRA and the AMPTP broke off on Wednesday night, and the guild's national board will meet Thursday morning to formally approve the launch of a strike. 7/13/23

Federal Mediator Will Be at SAG-AFTRA Talks as Midnight Deadline Approaches
Variety reports that a Federal mediator will be present on July 12 for negotations between SAG-AFTRA and the AMPTP as the performers' union approaches the end of its deadline. 7/12/23

Writers' Strike Could Cost $8 Billion — But Insurers Won't Foot Bill
Insurance Business magazine reports that the Hollywood writers' strike is practically uninsurable. 7/12/23

SAG-AFTRA Strike Could Hinge on AI; Deep Divisions Remain Between Actors & Studios in Final Hours of Talks
From Deadline: Saying that artificial intelligence "threatens to fundamentally alter employers' business models and disrupt IATSE members' livelihoods," the union unveiled its "Core Principles" for the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies in the entertainment industry. 7/11/23

If SAG-AFTRA Goes Out, How Fast Will WGA Go Back in to Negotiations with AMPTP?
Variety reports that if SAG-AFTRA walks, the AMPTP will likely turn to the WGA with a renewed offer to negotiate. 7/12/23

Hot Strike Summer: Actors Union Appears Close to a Walkout, Endangering Emmys reports that as writers enter their 10th week on picket lines, actors are hurtling toward a July 12 deadline to negotiate a new contract with Hollywood studios, and it's looking increasingly possible that they'll collectively take a giant step out of the spotlight.

Lawmakers Keep a Close Eye on Writers' Strike with No End in Sight
The Hill reports that D.C. lawmakers are keeping a close eye on a writers strike in the entertainment industry that is showing no signs of reaching a resolution over the summer.

A Second Strike Is Threatening Hollywood
The New York Times reports that should the actors go on strike, it will be the first time in 63 years that both performers and writers have stopped work at the same time over a contract dispute. 7/11/23

SAG-AFTRA Talks Go Down to Wire In Final Day Ahead of Strike Deadline
From Hollywood  Reporter: As a federal mediator joins the fray, the performers' union could call a strike as soon as Thursday after its film and television contracts package expires at midnight. 7/11/23

Hollywood Studios' WGA Strike Endgame Is to Let Writers Go Broke Before Resuming Talks in Fall
Deadline reports that regardless of whether SAG-AFTRA goes on strike this week, the studios have no intention of sitting down with the Writers Guild for several more months. 7/11/23

IATSE Unveils "Core Principles" for Application of AI in Entertainment Industry
Deadline reports that as talks between the actors union and the studios come to down to the final days before the extension of SAG-AFTRA's current contract expires, artificial intelligence has become a significant obstacle to any deal.

Ryan Murphy, With 3 Shows in Production, Threatens to Sue Writers Guild Strike Captain
From Hollywood Reporter: Ryan Murphy, in a letter from his attorney to the leadership of the WGA, threatened litigation against Warren Leight, an East Coast strike captain and Strike Rules Compliance Committee member who has subsequently forfeited those positions. 7/6/23

SAG-AFTRA Calls for Member Volunteers as Union Preps Potential Film/TV Strike
From Hollywood Reporter: In the event of a work stoppage that would potentially require phone-banking and sign-making, "we need as many volunteers as possible to be effective," the union told members. 7/6/23

Opinion: Streaming is TV's future. Can the writers' strike get executives to pay accordingly?
From Los Angeles Times: In an opinion essay, television executive Jordan Beck says the best way to resolve the current work stoppage in the era of streaming is to compensate content creators accordingly. 7/5/23

SAG-AFTRA Talks Extended until July 12
From Hollywood Reporter: Hours before the expiration of SAG-AFTRA's contract with the AMPTP, the two organizations agreed to extend their negotiations until July 12 at 11:59 pm. 6/30/23

What Happens to Hollywood (and Beyond) If the Actors Go on Strike
Deadline reports on the potential impact across the entertainment industry if SAG-AFTRA goes on strike in addition to the WGA. 6/30/23

SAG-AFTRA & Studios Eyeing Talks Extension As Contract Expiration Looms
Deadline reports that, as the June 30 expiration of SAG-AFTRA's current contract with the studios approaches, both sides are considering extending negotiations until next week or slightly later. 6/28/23

Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Other Top Actors Sign Letter to SAG-AFTRA: We're "Prepared to Strike"
From Hollywood Reporter: Hundreds of high-profile members — including Lena Waithe, Laura Linney, Sarah Polley and Quinta Brunson — aired concerns that "SAG-AFTRA members may be ready to make sacrifices that leadership is not." 6/27/23

SAG-AFTRA and Hollywood Studios Still at Odds Over Higher Residuals for Hit Streaming Shows
Variety reports that, despite recent comments from SAG-AFTRA leaders of positive progress in negotations with the AMPTP, others say the sides remain far apart on a range of key issues just a few days left before union's current contract expires on Friday. 6/26/23

Writers Strike Puts Spotlight Back on Animated Scribes’ Challenge to Be Covered by the WGA
Deadline reports that, as the WGA strike reaches the eight-week mark, one of the key issues in the TV animation world has reared its head again: the unusual way that animation projects are covered by labor unions. 6/26/23

Writers' Strike Messaging War Reshapes Standoff With Studios
From Hollywood Reporter: As the WGA takes a generally hands-off approach to its rank-and-file's social media, the communications battle lines in the guild's impasse with the AMPTP are largely being shaped by members, not leadership. 6/26/23

SAG-AFTRA Leaders Tell Members Negotiations Have Been "Extremely Productive" as Expiration Date Looms
From Hollywood Reporter: Union president Fran Drescher and chief negotiator Duncan Crabtree-Ireland told members in an update that "we're going to achieve a seminal deal." 6/24/23

Directors Guild Members Overwhelmingly Vote to Ratify Deal with Studios, Streamers
From Hollywood Reporter: DGA members ratified the agreement that union negotiators struck with the AMPTP in early June. 6/24/23

WGA West President Meredith Stiehm Seeking Reelection Amid Ongoing Strike
Deadline reports that Stiehm, the incumbent president, will vie for the position with Rich Talarico — both of whom were selected by the guild's nominating committee. 6/21/23

Emmys May Be Pushed Back Because of Writers' Strike
The New York Times reports on the possible postponement of the 75th Emmy Awards due to the ongoing work stoppage. 6/21/23

Will the Emmys Be Delayed? How the Potential SAG-AFTRA Strike Could Threaten TV Awards Season
Variety contemplates potential effects on the Emmy Awards should SAG-AFTRA join the WGA in a protracted work stoppage. 6/15/23

Writers' Strike Collateral Damage: Janitor Layoffs at Studios Spur Demonstration
From Hollywood Reporter: Los Angeles' service workers union marched with WGA picketers to emphasize that "we're not going to be divided," says the SEIU-USWW president. 6/15/23

TV Shows Affected by WGA Strike: The Penguin, Daredevil: Born Again, Etoile, Zero Day, Hysteria! & More — Updated List
Deadline continues its list of programs affected by the writers' work stoppage. 6/14/23

On-Location Filming of Scripted TV Shows in Los Angeles Remains at Standstill Amid WGA Strike
Deadline reports that for the second week in a row, no scripted TV series were shooting on location in Los Angeles due to the WGA strike, according to data compiled by FilmLA. 6/14/23

Charlie Brooker, Jesse Armstrong, Russell T. Davies Turn Out to Support Global WGA Day of Solidarity
Variety reports that Wednesday, June 14, marked an International Day of Solidarity for the writers' strike branded “Screenwriters Everywhere,” with events taking place in major cities including Paris and London. 6/14/23

Podcast: What the Writers Really Fear About AI in Hollywood
On the podcast The Town, host Matt Belloni speaks with John Lopez, a writer, producer and member of the WGA's AI working group, to explain what the guild actually thinks about AI, misperceptions about AI's ability to write scripts and why this will be one of the key issues in Hollywood for years to come. 6/9/23

Directors Guild Deal with Studios Draws Mixed Response as Members Review Details
From Hollywood Reporter: DGA members have expressed a range of feelings about the terms. 6/9/23

Directors Guild Reveals Details of Tentative Pact with Studios, Streamers
From Hollywood Reporter: The DGA secured a new residuals formula and an obligation that companies consult with DGA members when using generative A.I. "in connection with creative elements." 6/8/23

DGA Board Unanimously Approves New Film & TV Contract, Which Is Now Headed to Members for Ratification
Deadline reports that the Directors Guild's national board voted unanimously to approve a tentative agreement for a new film and TV contract. The deal with the AMPTP will go to the guild's membership for ratification with the board's recommendation to vote "yes." 6/6

An "Existential Fight" Looms If Actors Join the Writers' Strike
From Hollywood Reporter: As SAG-AFTRA starts negotiations with the AMPTP, the prospect of a wider work stoppage is already having a chilling effect on film and TV production. 6/6/23

SAG-AFTRA Members Authorize Strike: Nearly 98 Percent Vote for Work Stoppage
From Hollywood Reporter: The overwhelming "yes" vote does not trigger a strike, but it allows the union's top negotiators to potentially call a work stoppage once its TV/theatrical contracts have expired on June 30, if negotiations with the AMPTP stall. 6/5/23

SAG-AFTRA Says Its Bargaining Strategy for New Contract Remains Unchanged in Wake of New DGA Deal
Deadline reports that in the wake of a tentative agreement between the DGA and AMPTP, SAG-AFTRA says its bargaining position has not changed. 6/4/23

DGA Deal on New Contract Changes Dynamics for WGA, But Won’t End Strike — Analysis
Deadline assesses the potential impact of the tentative pact between the DGA and AMPTP on the WGA's pursuit of an agreement with the major studios and streamers. 6/4/23

Writers React to Directors Guild-AMPTP Contract Deal: "WGA Takes a Stand, DGA Reaps the Rewards"
Following news of a tentative agreement between the DGA and AMPTP, Deadline reports that striking writers have expressed some disappointment in their sister union while showing resolve in their own fight for a fair deal with the studios. 6/4/23

Directors Guild Reaches Tentative Deal with Studios and Streamers
From Hollywood Reporter: The Directors Guild of America and Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers have reached a tentative deal on a new three-year labor contract. The agreement include gains in wages and benefits, streaming residuals, AI protections and more. DGA leaders will present details in the contract to guild members before a ratification vote currently set for Tuesday. 6/4/23

Podcast: Who Is on the Studios' Side in the Writers' Strike?
On the podcast The Town, host Matthew Belloni speaks with producer — and former film studio and television network executive — Gail Berman about the writers' strike from the studios' perspective. 6/1/23

Hollywood's Labor Leaders Issue Joint Statement of Solidarity with DGA As Its Contract Talks Enter Final Week
Deadline reports that the leaders of the WGA, SAG-AFTRA, IATSE, and the Teamsters have issued a "joint statement of solidarity" with the DGA in its final scheduled week of contract negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. 5/31/23

Producers Guild Presidents to Writers: Why We're With You in This Fight
From Hollywood Reporter: After Sean Penn confused the trade org with the AMPTP and called it a "bankers' guild," Stephanie Allain and Donald De Line explain how their battles parallel the issues underlying this spring's strike. 5/31/23

Writers' Shut-It-Down Strategy Has Been Effective, Executives Privately Concede
From Hollywood Reporter: As the strike extends into its second month, protesters are focusing efforts on stopping in-progress productions. 5/31/23

Writers Guild Targets Executive Pay in Letters to Netflix, Comcast Shareholders
From Hollywood Reporter: The guild is urging shareholders to reject the compensation packages of top executives. 5/30/23

WGA Asks Tony-Nominated Guild Members Not to Attend Tony Awards
From Hollywood Reporter: The WGA sent an email to Tony nominees, who are also guild members, saying that instead of attending, they may pre-tape acceptance speeches, in case of a win, or ask a non-member to accept the award on their behalf, according to sources familiar with the matter. 5/27/23

Predawn Picket Lines Help Writers Disrupt Studio Productions
The New York Times reports that, since the WGA strike began on May 2, some guild members have been waking before dawn to try to disrupt productions whose scripts had already been finished. 5/26/23

Half of All Projects in California's Film Incentives Program Have Requested "Force Majeure" Extensions Due to WGA Strike
Deadline reports that half of the 46 projects currently in the California film incentives program are seeking "force majeure" waivers to extend their mandated start-date requirements due to the ongoing WGA strike. 5/26/23

Television Academy Honors Canceled Amid Writers' Strike
From Hollywood Reporter: The Academy event celebrating programming that has harnessed the extraordinary power of storytelling to fuel social change was scheduled for May 31. 5/26/23

DGA Contract Talks: Directors Seek More Time and Clout in Editing Room on Episodic TV
Variety reports that the Directors Guild of America is pushing for a contractual provision that would give television directors more time and responsibility in the editing room. 5/25/23

Ted Lasso Finale Event Canceled at Paley Center
From Hollywood Reporter: The ongoing writers' strike affected the planned cast panel and screening that was set for Tuesday in Los Angeles. 5/25/23

Marvel Delays Thunderbolts Filming Amid Writers Strike
Hollywood Reporter notes that the decision comes just a few weeks after Marvel paused progress on Blade. 5/25/23

Barack Obama: Studios "Wouldn't Be Around If It Weren't for Writers," Says He's "Hopeful" About Deal
From Hollywood Reporter: The former president shared his support for the ongoing strike during a live-streamed interview with Ira Glass on LinkedIn. 5/25/23

Writers' Strike Dampens Dealmaking in Rainy Cannes
Hollywood Reporter recounts activity during the Cannes Film Festival: Some big deals have been made, but insiders are feeling uncertainty due to the writers' strike: "If everything shuts down, eventually we're going to run out of movies." 5/24/23

TV's Biggest Mystery: How Long Will Pipeline For New Programming Be Closed?
The Associated Press reports on the the recent Upfronts and uncertainty about upcoming programming due to the WGA strike and other factors. 5/22/23

Force Majeure: Why the Phrase on Hollywood's Mind Isn't in Most Writers' Suspension Letters
From Hollywood Reporter: Regarding force majeure, Hollywood attorneys are trying to help writers and hyphenates understand a situation with no clear consensus. 5/19/23

Cannes: Multi-Union Strike Fear Has Dealmakers on Edge
From Hollywood Reporter: The WGA strike, coupled with forthcoming DGA and SAG-AFTRA contract negotiations, has dealmakers in Cannes pondering whether they should pursue projects that may not get made for some time. 5/19/23

How the Writers' Strike Is Forcing a Rewrite of Emmy FYC Season
Variety reports on ways the WGA work stoppage has affected For Your Consideration campaigning for the Emmy Awards. 5/18

Where Actors Could Make a Deal With Studios on AI
From Hollywood Reporter: SAG-AFTRA has a new rallying cry: "augmentation, rather than replacement." 5/18/23

Fewer Stars, Fewer Shows, Fewer CEOs and More Picket Lines as Upfronts Wrap
From Hollywood Reporter: The writers' strike made its presence felt during the recent Upfronts. 5/18/23

How Networks Faced (or Ignored) the Writers Strike in Their Fall Plans
Hollywood Reporter discusses the impact of the writers' strike on the broadcast networks' fall schedules. 5/18/23

SAG-AFTRA National Board Orders Strike Authorization Vote
From Hollywood Reporter: The union is currently scheduled to begin negotiations on June 7 ahead of a June 30 contract expiration date. 5/17/23

L.A. Sees 69.5% Decline in Production Permits in Second Week of Strike
Variety cites statistics from FilmLA revealing that, in the second week of the WGA work stoppage, the number of on-location permits for television and feature films declined 69.5% from the same week in 2022. 5/17/23

What Constitutes "Writing" During a Strike? That's a Heated Debate
From Hollywood Reporter: Writers also employed as directors, actors or producers are consulting their reps, unions and consciences. 5/17/23

WGA Argues Strike Will Cost Studios More Than Settlement
Variety reports that in an email to its members, the guild stated that its proposals would cost an estimated $429 million per year, an amount described as "modest" compared to the billions spent on content every year, and the billions in revenues earned annually by the major entertainment companies. 5/16/23

Daytime Emmys, Creative Arts Ceremony Postponed Amid Writers Strike
From Hollywood Reporter: The two events, scheduled for June, will be rescheduled for a later date after a resolution between the WGA and AMPTP. 5/16/23

Tonys to Move Forward with Unscripted, Televised Broadcast Amid Writers Strike
From Hollywood Reporter: The format of the show will change, but host Ariana DeBose is still expected to participate in some capacity. 5/16/23

83rd Annual Peabody Awards Cancels In-Person Ceremony Amid Writers Strike
From The Hollywood Reporter: The Peabody Awards has canceled what would have been its first in-person ceremony since 2019 — and its first-ever in Los Angeles — due to the WGA strike. 5/16/23

WGA Says Strike Is Costing California's Economy $30 Million a Day
Deadline reports that the WGA strike is costing California's economy $30 million daily, according to the guild. 5/15/23

Writers Guild Says It Will Not Picket 2023 Tony Awards
From The Hollywood Reporter: The WGA will not negotiate an interim agreement or waiver with the Tony Awards, but it will not picket the event in whatever form it moves forward. 5/15/23.

Tony Awards Will Appeal to Writers Guild on Ceremony Once More
Hollywood Reporter says the Tony Awards Management Committee will ask the WGA, which denied a previous appeal, not to picket the televised awards ceremony, to potentially move forward with the broadcast. 5/15/23

Writers' Strike Front and Center as NBCUniversal Kicks Off Upfronts Week
From Hollywood Reporter: A picket line and a lack of star power led to one of the most unusual upfront week kickoffs in recent memory. 5/15/23

WGA Launches Scab Reporting Website Where Members Are Required to Name Those Suspected of Crossing Picket Lines: "You Must Inform the Guild"
Deadline reports that the WGA has established a site on its Strike Hub where members can and must report strike breakers. 5/12/23

The Tony Awards Will Not Be Televised: WGA Denies Strike Waiver
Deadline reports that the WGA has denied producers of the Tony Awards a requested strike waiver that would have allowed the broadcast to go on as scheduled June 11. 5/12/23

How the Last Writers' Strike Changed Things Onscreen
The New York Times recalls effects from the last WGA strike, including promising shows that lost their audiences and turbocharging reality programming. 5/12/23

How Much Can a Director Change a Script During the Writers Strike? The Guilds Are at Odds
From The Hollywood Reporter: The Directors Guild of America has issued some new guidance on members' rights and responsibilities regarding minor or incidental script changes. 5/11/23

WGA Strike: FBI: Most Wanted, Pretty Little Liars Sequel, Power Book II: Ghost, Daredevil, Billions, P-Valley Among Latest Shows Shut Down by Scribes; See Full List
Deadline's ongoing list of productions affected by the strike. 5/11/23

Film/TV Shoots at L.A. Hotels May Be Disrupted As Hospitality Workers Back Writers' Strike
From Hollywood Reporter: Local 11, which represents workers at popular shooting locations across the region, announced it "will not cross any picket line set up by the WGA." 5/11/23

TV's War With the Robots Is Already Here
A New York Times television critic examines a point of contention in the current strike, the encroachment of artificial intelligence in film and television writing. 5/10/23

What the Directors Guild Will Fight for As Talks with Studios Begin
From The Hollywood Reporter: As the DGA begins talks with studios on May 10, a residual formula based on global streaming growth and data transparency are key priorities. The Guild's contract with the AMPTP expires June 30. 5/10/23

Critics Choice Indefinitely Postpones First Celebration of LGBTQ+ Movies and TV Due to Writers' Strike
The Wrap reports that the Critics Choice Association has postponed a planned Celebration of LGBTQ+ Cinema & Television due to the current strike. 5/9/23

DGA Leaders Lay Out Goals for Contract Talks That Start Wednesday — Watch The Video
Deadline reports on a video from the Directors Guild of America outlining its bargaining position as it preapres to begin contract negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers this week. 5/9/23

President Biden Weighs in on WGA Strike, Says Writers Deserve a "Fair Deal"
The Hollywood Reporter relates comments from the President about the dispute between the WGA and AMPTP. 5/8/23

'It's Going to Be a While': No End in Sight for Hollywood Strike
From The New York Times: The WGA and AMPTP remain far apart on several key issues, including money, and the standoff could last for months. 5/8/23

WGA Strike: Studios Move in to Suspend TV Overall Deals
Deadline reports that television studios are sending letters to writer-producers under overall agreements, telling them that their deals are being suspended. 5/7/23

Emmys: Writers Guild Turns Away FYC Money from Struck Companies
From The Hollywood Reporter: The WGA is declining business from the companies its members are currently striking against, including Emmy FYC advertising on its website and email communications. 5/6/23

Striking Showrunners Gather to Discuss Studio Demands: "We Can't Be at War One Day" and Partners the Next
Hollywood Reporter describes a WGA meeting where leaders and members discussed recent letters from studios. 5/6/23

Studios Demand Showrunners Work During Writers' Strike
From Hollywood Reporter: Letters to striking writer-producers from studios state that they must perform non-writing duties and may be obligated to act against their guild's own mandates. 5/5/23

Writers' Strike Fallout: $2B Economic Impact May Be Just the Beginning
Hollywood Reporter assesses the potential economic impact of the current work stoppage. 5/5/23

Writers Strike: Studios Break Silence on AI, TV Staff Sizes, How Talks Broke Down
From Hollywood Reporter: A four-page document explains the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers' position in ongoing negotiations and counters statements made by the WGA. 5/4/23

What Writers Can Work on During the Strike (It's Not Much)
Hollywood Reporter writes that the WGA's strike rules provide few options for writers to pursue their craft, but some do exist. 5/4/23

On the Ground with the WGA Picketers
An episode of The Ankler podcast featuring a conversation about the first full day of the WGA strike with reports from picket lines. 5/3/23

All the TV Shows and Movies Affected by the WGA Writers Strike (Updating)
Variety's ongoing list of television and film project affected by the writers' strike. 5/3/23

How Will the Writers' Strike Affect Your Favorite Show?
The New York Times revisits key issues in the impassse between the WGA and AMPTP and the current strike.5/3/23

WGA Holds Massive Solidarity Rally With Hollywood Labor Allies
From Hollywood Reporter: On the evening of May 3, more that 1,800 people from the Writers Guild, as well as reps from six other unions, gathered at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. Joining WGA members were reps from the Teamsters, Directors Guild, SAG-AFTRA, the Laborers' International Union of North America, Operative Plasterers' and Cement Masons' International Association and IATSE. 5/3/23

A Deluge of 11th Hour Scripts Have Execs Contemplating What to Do Next
From The Hollywood Reporter: Just before the WGA contract deadline, executives and reps received a large number of scripts to review. 5/3/23

TV Academy Offers Option to Cancel FYC Events As Questions Swirl Over Emmy Campaigns During the Strike
Variety reports that the Television Academy is giving networks and studios the opportunity to cancel Emmy FYC events should the writers' strike limit the possibility of continuing such an event. 5/2/23

How Will the Writers' Strike Impact FYC Emmy Campaigning?
From Hollywood Reporter: The WGA tells writers they are "prohibited from making these promotional appearances about your work until the strike concludes." 5/2/23

As Writers Strike, Will Viewers Notice?
From Hollywood Reporter: At a moment when major negotiating points involve streaming content, viewers may not appreciate its impact on the writers of their favorite shows because of the abundance of streaming content available to them. 5/2/23

Writers Strike Picket Line Takes Over Entire New York City Block
The Hollywood Reporter describes a gathering of hundreds of writers picketing in Midtown Manhattan, blocking the entrance to the Newfronts presentation by the NBCU streaming platform Peacock. 5/2/23

Writers Strike Explained: The Issues, the Stakes, Movies & TV Shows Affected — and How Long the 2023 Work Stoppage Might Last
Deadline covers the major points of the WGA and AMPTP positions, the potential impact of a protracted strike and more. 5/3/23

WGA Strike Picket Line Locations List and Times Set for Los Angeles & New York
Deadline publishes a list of the times and locations being targeted by the WGA West in Los Angeles and WGA East in New York for strike actions and picketing. 5/1/23

As Writers Strike, Will Viewers Notice?
From Hollywood Reporter: At a moment when major negotiating points involve streaming content, viewers may not appreciate its impact on the writers of their favorite shows because of the abundance of streaming content available to them. 5/2/23

Writers Guild Negotiators on Where Talks Broke Down: "They Really Weren't Interested in Making a Deal."
Hollywood Reporter speaks with WGA negotiators David Goodman, Chris Keyser and Ellen Stutzman. 5/2/23

Writers' Strike Begins: 'No One Wants This, but It's Necessary.'
Variety reports that primary sticking points are a WGA proposal for a TV staffing minimum and a minimum number of weeks of employment on a TV show. 5/2/23

What Went Wrong? Writers & Studios Reveal What They Couldn't (and Could) Agree on As Strike Is Set
Deadline recounts the key issues that remain unresolved and contributed to the WGA's decision. 5/1/23

Late-Night Shows Go Dark After WGA Declares Strike
Variety reports that, as anticipated, late-night shows are going dark for the foreseeable future as a result of the writers' strike. 5/2/23

WGA Calls for Strike to Begin Tuesday, Slams Studios for Creating 'Gig Economy' That Aims to Turn Writing into 'Entirely Freelance' Profession
Variety reports that the guild told its members that "For the sake of our present and our future, we have been given no other choice." 5/1/23

Writers Guild Calls First Strike in 15 Years
Hollywood Reporter writes that negotiations broke down between the WGA and the AMPTP. 5/1/23

Writers Strike: What Happens If Other Union Workers Refuse to Cross Picket Lines
Hollywood Reporter reviews what other guilds might do in the event of a WGA strike, including SAG-AFTRA, DGA, IATSE and Teamsters. 5/1/23

Writers Strike FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About the (Possible) Shutdown
From Variety: a Frequently Asked Questions explainer about the possible strike by the WGA. 5/1/23

"Everyone Is Just Scrambling": Hollywood on Edge as Writers Guild Talks Go Down to Wire 
The Hollywood Reporter assesses the industry as the WGA's midnight contract deadline approaches. 5/1/23

Writers, Seeking Pay Change for the Streaming Era, Prepare to Strike 
With the possibility of a strike imminent, The New York Times recounts the impact of streaming content on the industry since the last work stoppage 16 years ago and its effect on current negotations between the WGA and AMPTP. 4/30/23

WGA Tells Members to Get Ready to Picket If a Deal Isn't Reached 
From Hollywood Reporter: In an email sent to its members Sunday night, the Writers Guild negotiating committee notified members to be prepared to picket if a deal with the AMPTP is not reached by the May 1 deadline; the committtee also asked members to complete a survey on preferred strike locations and times. 4/30/23

Hollywood, Both Frantic and Calm, Braces for Writers' Strike 
The New York Times reports on the entertainment industry mindset as the WGA contract deadline approaches: "People have stopped asking one another whether a strike would take place and started to talk about duration." 4/28/23

Hollywood Braces for Fallout as a Possible Writers' Strike Looms 
Variety assesses the mood in Hollywood as the prospect of a strike increases ahead of the WGA's May 1 contract deadline. 4/27/23

Writers Guild Issues Rules for Potential Strike: Writing, Pitching and Negotiating for Work Are Barred 
From Hollywood Reporter, the WGA has released the rules that would go into effect if the guild opts to strike when its curent contract expires. Members who do not follow them can be disciplined for violations. 4/25/23

DGA Says It Supports WGA in Its Efforts to Achieve a "Fair & Reasonable" Contract 
In a story from Deadline, the Directors Guild expressed support for the WGA in its ongoing negotiations for a new contract with the AMPTP. 4/24/23

DGA Reminds Members That No-Strike Clause Is in Place Until June 30  
Per Variety, the Directors Guild has informed its members that its contract does not expire until June 30, so they may not strike until then. Members are not required to cross a picket line but could be replaced if they do not. 4/20/23

SAG-AFTRA Board Votes Unanimously to "Strongly" Support the WGA in Its Contract Talks with AMPTP 
Deadline reports that the National Board of SAG-AFTRA voted as one to approve a resolution "strongly in support" of the WGA in its negotiations for a new contract. 4/22/23

What shows would stop first if Hollywood writers strike? Here's what the WGA says 
Los Angeles Times outlines the anticipated impact on programming should there be a writers' strike. Late-night shows would be among the first affected. 4/20/23

L.A. Production Drops Sharply Amid Strike Fears  
Citing statistics from FilmLA, Variety reports on a notable year-over-year decline in Los Angeles production fueled by concerns of a potential work stoppage. 4/19/23

DGA Leaders Explain Members' Rights & Responsibilities in the Event of WGA Strike 
Deadline reports that DGA leaders have informed guild members of their rights and responsibilities in the event of a writers' strike. 4/20/23

Yep, It's Slow: How a Potential Strike and Industry Pivoting Has Hollywood at a Standstill
Deadline reports that the entertainment industry business has slowed due to uncertainty related to a potential work stoppage. 4/19/23

Ted Sarandos on Potential Strike: Netflix Could Fare Better Than Others During Work Stoppage
From The Hollywood Reporter: On an earnings call, Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos noted that, should a WGA work stoppage occur, his company might manage better than some others. But he emphasized that, "We're at the table, and we're going to try to get to an equitable solution so there isn't a strike." 4/18/23

We can't afford another writers' strike. Not Hollywood, not L.A., not the country.
A Los Angeles Times columnist urges the WGA and AMPTP to reach an agreement to avoid serious economic consequences. 4/17/23

Writers Authorize Strike: Nearly 98 Percent Support Work Stoppage
From The Hollywood Reporter: In a vote, 97.85 percent of eligible members of the WGA West and East voted to authorize a strike; 2.15 percent voted against. The result gives the guild the option to suspend work if labor leaders deem it necessary.4/17/23

Producers Preempt Writers Guild Vote Tally, Say Strike Ratification Is "Inevitable"
From The Hollywood Reporter: Prior to the release of the WGA's strike authorization vote, the AMPTP says in a statement that a strike authorization has been part of the guild's plan from the outset. 4/17/23

SAG-AFTRA, AMPTP to Start Contract Talks With Producers on June 7
The performers set a date before its current pact with studios and streamers expires on June 30. 4/13/23

David Zaslav on Potential Writers Strike
The president and CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery says he's hopeful for a solution that's "fair to all parties." 4/12/23

In Past Strikes, Networks Turned to Reality TV. Now It's More Complicated.
From Los Angeles Times: Relying on reality programming as a source of content in the event of a writers' strike could present more challenges than in the past. 4/12/23

WGA Talks with Studios Could Extend into Next Week
Deadline reports that extended discussions show the WGA and AMPTP's willingness to continue negotiations to avoid a strike. 4/7/23

Hollywood Writers Speaking Out in Support of WGA Strike Authorization
Deadline speaks with WGA members supporting the guild's strike authorization in interviews and on social media. 4/6/23

WGA, Hollywood Studios to Resume Contract Talks on Wednesday
Variety reports that the Writers Guild and Hollywood's major employers will continue contract discussions on Wednesday, April 5, seeking to make progress prior to the expiration of the guild's current agreement on May 1. 4/4/23

WGA Sets Strike Authorization Vote
From Variety: The Writers Guild has set a strike authorization vote to begin on April 11. 4/3/23

Is Writer Pay Up or Down?
From Variety: A general discussion on writers' current pay scale. 4/3/23

How Networks and Streamers Are Prepping for a Potential Writers Strike
From The Hollywood Reporter: Some writers are working through hiatus as networks are looking to compile scripts during negotiations. 3/31/23

Writers and Studios Could Hold Additional Talks Over the Next Two Weeks
Deadline reports that writers and studios will keep discussions going despite a planned two-week break. 4/4/23

Inside WGA Talks
VIP+ senior media analyst Gavin Bridge held a wide-ranging discussion with Variety co-editor-in-chief Cynthia Littleton and Variety's labor expert Gene Maddaus examining key issues in the WGA negotiations. 3/30/23

The Writers Strike and Global Content Creators
From The Hollywood Reporter: Around the world, producers and distributors are closely watching the negotiations. 3/30/20

The Writers Guild Biggest Contract Negotiation: The Mini Room
Variety reports on a prevalent issue in the WGA contract negotiation — the mini room. 3/29/23

Directors Guild Sets Leadership to Helm Member Outreach Efforts During Negotiations
From The Hollywood Reporter: Former union presidents Paris Barclay and Thomas Schlamme will oversee the union's team coordinating and communicating with members during negotiations. 3/28/23

Writers Guild Says It's Pushing to Prohibit AI-Generated Works Under Contract in Negotiations
From The Hollywood Reporter: The guild has clarified its position on works created with the assistance of artificial intelligence. 3/22/23

WGA and AMPTP Exchange Proposals Ahead of Next Week's Negotiations 
From Variety: The WGA and the AMTPT exchange proposals as they prepare for face-to-face bargaining. 3/13/23

What a Potential WGA Strike Means for You 
The Wrapbook profiles the causes of a potential WGA strike, the repercussions it could have on the entertainment industry and how to navigate its effects. 3/5/23

Writers Vote to Approve Guild Priorities for 2023 Negotiations
From The Hollywood Reporter: Voting members of the WGA support the objectives for talks, which include further regulating of mini-rooms and raising minimum compensation. 3/7/23

Podcast: The Perfect Storm for a Writers Strike
On the podcast The Town, host Matthew Belloni speaks with Bloomberg's Lucas Shaw about the economics of streaming and what a writers' work stoppage would look like.

In Contract Talks, the Push for Viewership Data May Become a Flash Point
From Variety: In upcoming negotiations, the WGA will reportedly seek greater transparency regarding data from streamers. 2/28/23

Hollywood Studios Plan for a Writers' Strike
From Los Angeles Times: Hollywood studios plan for a potential work stoppage ahead of negotiations. 2/28/23

Writers Guild Contract Negotiations to Begin on March 20, as Strike Threat Looms 
From Variety: WGA sets date for negotiations on a new contract. 2/22/23

Why There Is Talk of a Writers' Strike in Hollywood
New York Times overview of the respective positions in the upcoming negotiations and potential effects. 2/20/23

WGA Signals TV Writing Staff Sizes, Higher Income May Be Prioritized in Coming Negotiations 
From The Hollywood Reporter: The Writers Guild sets priorities for its upcoming negotiations. 2/17/23

The Bulwark Goes to Hollywood — Shawn Ryan on Past WGA Negotiations and the Evolving Business
On The Bulwark Goes to Hollywood podcast, host Sonny Bunch speaks with Shawn Ryan, showrunner of The Night Agent and past member of the WGA negotiation committee, about the forthcoming negotiations and how the business of television has evolved. 

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