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Thank you for reaching out to the Television Academy in regard to attendance at an Academy or For Your Consideration (FYC) Event.

Our Attendance Policy applies to in-person Academy All-Member Events and FYC Events. It does not apply to Virtual or Peer Group events. If you have questions, please refer to our updated FAQs. You might find what you need, and won't need to wait for a response. If not, please continue reading.

Television Academy All-Academy Events

The Television Academy produces All-Academy in-person events, panels, mixers, and celebrations for all of our members.

For Your Consideration Events

In-person FYCs are a benefit for Active, voting, members of the Television Academy. In preparation for Emmy voting, FYCs are produced solely by our broadcast, studio, and network partners to introduce voters to their programs. The Academy does not produce or staff these events, but in order to safeguard members' confidential contact information, we send out the invitations and confirmations, and to ensure as many members as possible are able to attend events, we track attendance.

We are also available to assist if you have an issue or would like to provide feedback on your member experience.

Attendance Policy

This policy is employed for both All-Academy and FYC events. Please review it and then provide us with the information requested:

  • Cancellations for you and/or your guest must be done at least 24 hours ahead of Events to avoid a No-Show (see below). Instructions on how to cancel are included on the invitation and event confirmations and reminders.
  • Members and/or guests that do not feel well, have COVID (even if not symptomatic) or might have been exposed, should not attend events.
  • If the member is unable to attend, their guest may not attend without the member.

What is the No-Show Policy?

The No-Show Policy for 2024 applies to members who are confirmed to attend an in-person FYC event or Academy All-Member event. It does not apply to peer group or virtual events.

When a member or their guest fails to attend an event for which they have a confirmed registration, they are marked as a No-Show, and are notified via email of this infraction. Should a member receive three No-Shows per calendar year, they will not be able to RSVP for any remaining 2024 FYC  or All-Academy Events. Any registrations or requests for those events will be cancelled.  No-Shows do not carry over to the next calendar year.

Accruing No-Shows

  • If a member fails to attend an All-Academy or FYC in-person event, that member will receive one No-Show.
  • If a member is confirmed for a +1 and neither attends an in-person event, the member will receive one No-Show.
  • If a member is confirmed for a +1 and the member attends but the guest does not, the member will receive one No-Show.

To avoid No-Shows, cancel a member and/or guest confirmation at least 24 hours before the event.

To provide us with information about your attendance or another issue, click here.

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