December 03, 2020
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What is a PGEC?

Peer Group Executive Committees Explained

Peer Group Executive Committees (PGEC)
A key responsibility of governors is to select a PGEC for their peer group. The committee consists of up to ten appointees as well as the two peer group governors. Two optional seats are held open for prior Governors to join the PGEC should the sitting Governors choose to expand the group. Each governor appoints half of the committee with members serving terms of one calendar year, and not more than four consecutive terms. Appointees are active Academy members in their peer group.

The Purpose of a PGEC
The purpose of the PGEC is to act as an informal sounding board for the two governors and to help them perform their duties. Some specific functions of the committee may include reviewing and revising membership rules for the peer group, and/or handling any disputes concerning applications for membership in the peer group. Also, the PGEC is where guidelines for Emmy Award categories specific to that peer group are reviewed and revised if necessary (subject to final review by the Emmy Awards Committee and approval of the Board). Also, the PGECs are where peer group specific events are planned.

PGEC Calls/Meetings
The key responsibility of serving on a PGEC is participating in periodic calls and meetings that will be called by the governors. The frequency of these calls and meetings will vary according to the individual peer groups. At a minimum, there will be two per year. A quorum of at least half of the PGEC members plus one governor is required for PGEC votes to be recognized as valid. On matters requiring a vote, participation of the full committee is preferred so that results carry maximum weight should the matter require further discussion at the Board level.
Peer Group Events
Universally, a key benefit of membership in the Academy is networking, and peer group networking events are commonly planned in PGEC meetings. It is possible to plan virtual events, or organize offline events in the meeting rooms at the Academy. They can be panel-style events on topics relevant to your peer group, simple networking mixers, technology demonstrations, or other events that add value to the Peer Group and general Academy membership.

PGEC as a Prerequisite
Serving on a PGEC is the commonly-used qualification to run as a candidate in your peer group governor election. With your appointment to the PGEC, your governors are giving you an opportunity to learn more about the Television Academy, how it operates, and giving you the required experience to run for governor, should you desire to do so in the future.

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