August 19, 2022

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Requirements for membership in the Science & Technology Peer Group

Please note that requirements (as outlined below) must be met within the four (4) years preceding one's application for membership or membership review; also, such requirements apply in each instance to the production and/or distribution of nationally exhibited audio-visual works. All episodes should be a minimum of thirty (30) minutes in length unless defined otherwise specifically for short form programming.

The Science & Technology Peer Group represents members who are involved in the strategy and development of technologies that enable or advance the storytelling process for the television industry. This may include advancements in software and equipment, interactivity, distribution (finishing, mastering, packaging, delivery of television content for consumption by viewer), and/or engagement and participation of the viewer with the television program itself.

Active Status:

Employment for a minimum of two (2) years within the last four (4) years in a:

  • Senior-level role in Research and Development as Scientist, Technologist or Design or Software Engineer who has made significant contributions in the development of scientific and/or technological advancement for audio, visual, interactive, or distribution.
  • Senior-level role in Design or Software Engineer working in development of products or systems who has made significant contributions that produced leading creative tools and/or systems for the crafts involved in the creation or distribution of television content.
  • Leadership role of Engineering or Technology for a major network, production, or post-production facility who has been actively involved (not solely in an administrative role) in the system design, development, or implementation of facilities doing production, post-production or distribution.
  • Senior-level role actively engaged in the development of technologies behind interactive television program content.
  • Senior-level role in strategy development for interactive technologies at a major production company, studio or network.



  • A qualified body of work relevant to the peer group that warrants a waiver of the above requirements, or have in the opinion of the Peer Group's Executive Committee achieved unique distinction, earned special merit, or made an outstanding contribution to the science of television. Body of Work designation has all benefits of Active membership with the exception of running for Peer Group Governor.

Associate Status

Those who do not meet the requirements for Active Status, but who have worked for a minimum of two (2) years within the last four (4) years in a role with an impact in the above categories for nationally-exhibited television program content. Coordinators and Executive Assistants are not eligible for Associate membership.

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Board of Governors Science & Technology Representatives

Barry Zegel
Barry Zegel
Wendy Aylsworth
Wendy Aylsworth
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