March 20, 2023

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Requirements for membership in the Choreography Peer Group

Please note that requirements (as outlined below) must be met within the four (4) years preceding one's application for membership or membership review; also, such requirements apply in each instance to the production and/or distribution of nationally exhibited audio visual works. All episodes should be a minimum of thirty (30) minutes in length unless defined otherwise specifically for short form programming. Credits from self-published programs alone do not qualify for membership in the Television Academy. Individuals who have received a Primetime, Daytime, or Children's & Family Emmy Nomination, specific to this peer group, within the past four (4) years are eligible for Active membership.

Job Descriptions for Choreography Peer Group
CHOREOGRAPHER: creates and arranges movements and patterns for dances.

CREATIVE DIRECTOR: responsible for creating a concept, vision or an overall esthetic for a show or performance. Oversees the Choreographer and works in conjunction with the Director and Director of Photography for screen content, along with the Set Designer/Art Director, Lighting Designer, Wardrobe and Make-Up, etc. A Creative Director is primarily hired to work on live programming and worked previously as a choreographer.

ASSOCIATE CHOREOGRAPHER: works alongside the choreographer to assist in developing concepts, esthetic, choreography and production logistics.

ASSISTANT CHOREOGRAPHER: hired by the choreographer to work during the design of the routine, and to experiment in studio, before starting rehearsals with the performers.

DANCER: Fulfills, interprets and performs the steps created by the choreographer.

Current Membership Requirements for Choreography Peer Group

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Active Status

Employment in one of the following positions for a minimum of two (2) years in the last four (4) years:

CHOREOGRAPHER/CO-CHOREOGRAPHER: Five (5) credits as Choreographer on nationally exhibited programs
CREATIVE DIRECTORS: Five (5) credits as Creative Director on nationally exhibited programs

ASSOCIATE CHOREOGRAPHERS/ASSISTANT CHOREOGRAPHERS: Five (5) credits as Associate Choreographer or Assistant Choreographer on nationally exhibited programs. Credits must include working with at least two (2) different choreographers.

DANCERS: Ten (10) credits as Dancer on nationally exhibited content. If dancers are hired directly by the Choreographer but do not have on-screen credit, a letter of verification by the Choreographer will be accepted.

Applicants without the required number of qualifying hours in a single category may request consideration under Combined Credits: Acceptance of Combined Credits will be at the sole discretion of the Choreography Peer Group Executive Committee.

Or a qualified body of work relevant to the peer group that warrants a waiver of the above requirements. Body of Work is defined as a Choreographer recognized by the choreography community for their achievements or contributions to the craft and profession of choreography. Body of Work designation has all benefits of Active membership with the exception of running for Peer Group Governor.

Associate Status:

Extended to all persons in the above categories who have not yet met all the criteria for Active membership.

Emmy Voting:

Choreographers and Creative Directors may vote in the first (1st) and second (2nd) rounds of judging for Choreography and Program.

Associate Choreographers, Assistant Choreographers and Dancers are only eligible to vote in the 1st round of Choreography judging.

Peer Group Governor:

Choreographers and Creative Directors may run for Peer Group Governor. However, at least one Choreographer must always be a Governor. Associate Choreographers, Assistant Choreographers and Dancers may not run for Peer Group Governor.

updated 3.20.23

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