2022 - 74th Emmy Awards

Outstanding Special Visual Effects In A Single Episode - 2022



Apple TV+
Chris Wright
Overall VFX Supervisor
Parker Chehak
Overall VFX Producer
Scott Riopelle
On-Set VFX Supervisor
Javier Roca
VFX Supervisor (El Ranchito)
Tristan Zerafa
VFX Supervisor (Pixomondo)
Nathan Overstrom
VFX Supervisor (Zoic Studios)
Sam O'Hare
VFX Supervisor (Chickenbone FX)
Tony Kenny
SPFX Coordinator
Tamriko Barda
Senior VFX Coordinator


"A Beacon For Us All"
Geoff Scott
Series Visual Effects Supervisor
Darren Bell
Series Visual Effects Producer
Chris Ryan
Series On-set Visual Effects Supervisor & CG Supervisor
Christine Galvan
Series Visual Effects Production Manager
Anita Milias
Series Visual Effects Production Coordinator
Jordan Acomba
Series Visual Effects Editor
Jason Snea
Visual Effects Compositor: Series VFX Production Team
Hannes Poser
Visual Effects Supervisor: Image Engine
Jamie Barty
Visual Effects Supervisor: FuseFX

Squid Game

Cheong Jai-hoon
VFX Supervisor
Kang Moon-jung
CG Supervisor (3D)
Kim Hye-jin
VFX Producer
Jo Hyun-jin
Layout Lead
Kim Seong-cheol
Matte Painting Supervisor
Lee Jae-bum
Animation Supervisor
Shin Min-soo
CG Supervisor (2D)
Seok Jong-yeon
Compositing Supervisor
Jun Sung-man
Compositing Supervisor

The Man Who Fell To Earth

"Hallo, Spaceboy"
Jason Michael Zimmerman
Lead VFX Supervisor/ Supervising Producer
Aleksandra Kochoska
Senior VFX Producer
Shawn Ewashko
Senior VFX Coordinator
Simon Carr
VFX Supervisor
Elizabeth Alvarez
Senior VFX Coordinator
Richard R Reed
VFX Supervisor (Cinesite)
Jesper Kjolsrud
VFX Supervisor (Outpost VFX)
Anna James
VFX Producer
Neal Champion
SFX Supervisor

Vikings: Valhalla

"The Bridge"
Ben Mossman
VFX Supervisor
Melanie Callaghan
VFX Producer
Vishal Rustgi
VFX Producer
Troy Tylka
CG Supervisor
Mina Gaued
2D Supervisor
Jorge Perez
Lighting Lead
Liz Sui
DMP Lead
Summer Zong
Asset Lead
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