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June 28, 2021
... Bee , and a radio/TV simulcast of Truth or Consequences. Herbie J Pilato

July 1, 1941: The Day Commercial Television Was ...

August 3, 2021
... our marriage, truthfully. We were more than our marriage." Herbie J Pilato, host of Then Again , a classic TV talk show streaming ...
May 25, 2021
... force of nature, art, and freedom that is Irene Tsu. Herbie J Pilato, host of Then Again , now streaming on Amazon Prime ...
June 30, 2021
... Marie Waggedorn, played by Betty Beaird, and her son, Earl J. Waggedorn, Corey's same-age best friend played by Michael ... Hal." "So, I think we came out all right," she concluded. Herbie J Pilato, host of Then Again , a classic TV talk show streaming ...
February 24, 2021
... additional hit list includes NBC's Quincy, M.E ., B.J. and the Bear, and Knight Rider, CBS's original Magnum P.I. ... have done exactly that for 50 years — and counting. Herbie J Pilato is the host and an executive producer of Then Again ...
January 24, 2019
... the new biography, MARY: THE MARY TYLER MOORE STORY by Herbie J Pilato, and published by Jacobs Brown Press. For more ...
December 1, 2017
... Reese, James Reese, and Franklin Reese. Herbie J Pilato is a writer/producer, the author of several classic TV ...
October 31, 2016
... with exclusive articles by noted television historian Herbie J Pilato. How the Grinch Stole Christmas Star Trek Part I - ...
June 12, 2017
... world hope. You are my hero.'" The Bright Knight indeed. Herbie J Pilato is the host of the upcoming classic TV talk show, Then ...
August 22, 2018
... to the honor." Make that "witches honor." Writer/producer Herbie J Pilato is the author of Twitch Upon a Star: The Bewitched ...
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