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March 23, 2018

Peer Group Social Media Policies

The Television Academy has determined that it is appropriate for each Peer Group to maintain its own Facebook Page/Twitter account, subject to the following policy considerations:

  • The Peer Group Executive Committee (PGEC) of any Peer Group may elect to set up a Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram destination for its Peer Group, provided that both Governors of the Peer Group agree.
  • Although the Television Academy (through its Digital dept. staff) will give advice to PGECs with respect to the setting up of their Peer Group Facebook Page, Twitter, and Instagram accounts (including the look and use of logos and trademarks), the PGEC shall have responsibility for setting up, updating, and maintaining these accounts; it shall appoint one or two members who have that responsibility.
  • Each Peer Group Facebook Page shall have, in the "About" section, a disclaimer reading, "This is the Facebook Page of the [peer group name] Peer Group of the Television Academy. It is maintained by members of the Peer Group and, as such, is not an official Facebook destination of the Television Academy. Any questions regarding its content should be addressed to [name of at least one PG Governor] at [phone number or email]. Content appearing on this Facebook Page is not endorsed by the Television Academy."

Content Guidelines
In maintaining the Facebook Page, the PGEC shall be solely responsible for the content of the Page. In this regard, the Page shall be used to transmit information of general interest to the Peer Group.

The Governors shall assure that neither the Page nor any of its posts:

  • DO NOT contain information regarding individual members of the Peer Group (or others) that might be construed as invading their right of privacy or in any way disparages their professional or personal reputation or defames them in any way.
  • DO NOT contain personal contact information of any member unless approved by that member in writing
  • DO NOT promote any submission for Emmy or other award consideration
  • DO NOT promote any nominee for Peer Group Governor
  • DO NOT promote the sale of merchandise
  • DO NOT promote goods or service to the personal gain of any member

Social media content falls under the purview of a Governor's responsibilities toward the organization: Duty of Care, Duty of Loyalty, and Duty of Obedience.

If a Peer Group Governor has a concern with any content on their Facebook Page or Twitter account, he/she shall promptly take action to remove it. Even though the Television Academy is not responsible for the content, if a Peer Group Governor has any questions regarding propriety or legality of any content, said content should be cleared with counsel for the Television Academy prior to posting.

Click here to download a printable version of this policy.

updated 3.22.18

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