July 19, 2021
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Food for Thought: Sugary Pieces of Heaven

Angela Peluso

Sugary Pieces of Heaven
By Angela Peluso

Pizzelle are cookies that originated in Abruzzo, Italy, where my family is from. They are round, waffle-patterned, sugary pieces of heaven. From as far back as I can remember, Grandma made Pizzelle every Christmas.

When I was little, I would listen as she directed me on how many eggs and sugar to put in. I knew the recipe by heart but as I grew up, the tradition fell to the side, and we stopped having time to bake together.

Years went by, and eventually once my kids were old enough, we started the tradition back up again. They looked forward to it every year.

Unfortunately, when my grandmother passed away in 2018, the kids thought the tradition was over. That Christmas, I frantically called my mom. The kids were sitting around the table anxiously waiting for the fun to begin, and I could not remember the recipe. My mom listened to my shaky, tearful question, and calmly said, "Go look under the tree and grab the package with the brown paper wrapping. Open it." Inside was the most beautiful wooden cutting board with Grandma's pizzelle recipe engraved on it.

We passed the tradition down to my kids, and I hope they continue to pass it along, as well. It helps me to think a little part of my grandma, my best friend, will live on through the story and creation of these cookies long after I am gone.

Angela Peluso is the Director of Talent & Industry Relations at the Television Academy. She has worked in the world of television since her internship at NBC in 2001, enjoys her Italian heritage and has eaten cookies her entire life.

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