June 03, 2014
Me and My Emmy

Me and My Emmy: Allison Janney

Currently starring in CBS series Mom — which recently garnered a Television Academy Honor award — Allison Janney reveals how she decided where her Emmy would live once she got the golden statuette home.

Primetime Emmy Tally: 4


How She Got the Gold: In 2000-02 — and again in ‘04 — as outstanding lead actress, for NBC’s The West Wing. She played C.J. Cregg, the White House press secretary who later became chief of staff.


Now for the Noms: Two additional nominations in the same category, for the same show, in 2003 and ‘06.


State of Grace: “C.J. was a spectacular character who held her own in a male-dominated arena with a tremendous amount of grace, and without losing her femininity or sense of humor. She became a role model and an inspiration to women of all ages.”


Let ‘Er Rip: “Bonnie [on her current CBS comedy, Mom] is a character so opposite who I am as a person, and because of that, she is enormously fun to play. She’s a no-holds-barred, bull-in-a-china-shop tornado — and I am having the time of my life.”


Emmy Memory: “My very first Emmy win is a moment I will never forget. I had never won an award for anything before, so when I heard my name called, it was like I was in a dream — a wonderful, magical dream.”


Must Be the Place: “The television in my living room was surrounded by shelves stuffed with books. When I was deciding where to put my Emmys, a friend said, ‘They should be near the TV — that’s why you won them.’ So we cleared the books off and lined the Emmys up right over the TV.”


A Simple Plan: “I am continually grateful that I was asked to be a part of The West Wing. There’s also relief that I didn’t have to go to my back-up career plan — ’cause I didn’t have one!

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Originally published in the Emmy magazine issue no. 2014-03

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