October 21, 2009

Green With Emmy Campaign


* AEG Ehrlich Ventures will be arranging for an energy audit of the Shrine Auditorium. The audit will be conducted by LADWP. LADWP will be providing the Shrine with recommendations for energy efficiency improvements.
* AEG Ehrlich Ventures has motivated the Shrine Auditorium to change power intake from electricity to solar power for the entire venue. This is extremely expensive and will take some time for the permitting and budget approval, however they plan to implement in the next few years. In the interim, AEG Ehrlich Ventures is petitioning the Mayor’s office to allow the Shrine to green-source its existing power supply for this year’s show.
* AEG Ehrlich Ventures will be implementing an awareness program to all of its 350+ staff and crew.


* AEG Ehrlich Ventures has requested that all deliveries be made in alternate fuel vehicles where possible. Also, Many of our staff members drive hybrid vehicles.
* AEG Ehrlich Ventures will be utilizing hybrid or biodiesel vehicles for the talent booked on the show.
* AEG Ehrlich Ventures is also renting hybrids for our out of town staff members
* AEG Ehrlich Ventures will use only rechargeable, battery operated golf carts.


* AEG Ehrlich Ventures will only be printing on 100% recycled paper
* Meal and tuxedo tickets will all be printed on tree-free paper, made of banana leaves and waste product.
* AEG Ehrlich Ventures has instructed its staff to add a decal on the bottom of their email instructing recipients to only print emails when necessary.
* AEG Ehrlich Ventures will be providing paper recycling receptacles at the Shrine and has an existing recycling program in effect in our Encino office.


* The set has been designed to eliminate the need for construction and disposal by primarily using rentals.
* AEG Ehrlich Ventures will be providing over 40 recycling receptacles for both plastic and glass.
* AEG Ehrlich Ventures will implement a battery recycling program on the set.
* All cups, napkins, utensils, paper towels and toilet paper will be made from recycled material.
* AEG Ehrlich Ventures has instructed its caterers and suppliers to use china and other reusable materials in the green rooms.
* AEG Ehrlich Ventures has stopped the use of printed menus, and encourages its staff to source all information electronically.
* All dressing room and green room flowers will be donated to a local charity.


* AEG Ehrlich Ventures has instructed caterers to use biodegradable dishware and recyclable, cups, plates, tablecloths, napkins and paper towels.
* Coffee suppliers will be serving only organic, locally sourced teas and coffees.
* Crew caterer will be serving local, organic produce from Oxnard, locally caught fish, and organic chicken. Crew caterer has also stopped the use of all non-biodegradable dishware and service pieces.
* Green room caterers will be featuring organically grown fruits and vegetables from their own garden. All proteins will be organic and cooked in a solar oven or other environmentally friendly cooking methods.


* AEG Ehrlich Ventures provides tuxedos on show day for over 350 of its staff members every year. This year when receiving your tuxedo you will find that it will not be wrapped in plastic.
* All tuxedos will also be dry cleaned using friendly solutions.
* Every year AEG Ehrlich Ventures provides Emmy T-Shirts for its staff. This year the T-Shirts will be made from 100% Organic Cotton.
* The Delivery of our swag will also come in a Biodiesel truck.
* AEG Ehrlich Ventures will disperse all swag in reusable, canvas bags instead of paper bags.

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