March 23, 2021
Awards News

Welcome to the Daytime Emmys!

We are looking for new judges to sign up and participate in the Daytime Emmys process, administered by our colleagues at the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences in New York!
Active/voting members of the Television Academy are automatically qualified to judge. This is a key part of the Daytime Emmys process – in fact, the contest would not be able to happen without our volunteer judges. Whether you are joining us for the first time or are a long-time judge, consider signing up this year to take part in this very unique experience.
Daytime Emmy judging requires you to view all submissions in specific categories based on your area(s) of expertise. It is an exceptional opportunity to see the work of your peers and, of course, have a voice in who becomes a Daytime Emmy nominee and winner. To sign up, go to and click on the BECOME A JUDGE red button on the right. Do NOT click SIGN UP or log in to be a submitter. Please also note: sign up for judging is new every year and is not connected with your Television Academy account.
After filling out the application, the National Academy's administration will vet, approve and assign judges to 2-3 categories based on their areas of expertise. Daytime judging requires WATCHING AND SCORING all entries in each category; this means they are expected to commit approximately 10 hours of their time per category, but this process can be completed over multiple weeks.
New This Year If You Have Judged With Us Before:
The National Academy's administrators have split categories into three separate judging groups, with three separate timelines. High-profile program and performance categories exist in EVERY group. This means some categories previously evaluated in the second round of judging may be judged starting tomorrow, March 24.
Also, sign-ups for Blue Ribbon Judging begin tomorrow, March 24, with a few of those Blue Ribbon categories judged immediately. if you have participated as a Blue Ribbon judge in previous years, please sign up NOW!

Other Blue Ribbon categories will begin judging in the coming weeks, and you may signup through April 20, but the National Academy urges you to sign up as soon as possible.
NOTE: Blue Ribbon Judging Rounds decide BOTH THE NOMINEES AND THE WINNERS. There is no additional round to vote for winners once the nominees are announced.

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