August 20, 2023
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Judge the Children's & Family Emmy Awards

Become a judge for the 2nd Annual Children's & Family Emmy Awards! 

Judging for the second annual Children's & Family Emmys is scheduled to take place from September 1 – October 10 so the time to sign up is now! All members of the Television Academy are automatically qualified to judge!

You can sign up at our Orthicon site at

If you have previously signed up as a Daytime or CAFÉ submitter or judge, YOUR SAME LOGIN WORKS but you need to re-affirm your intent to judge CAFÉ by still following the instructions below. If you are a member of the Television Academy who has not participated in this year's Daytime Emmys or last year's Children's Emmys, you must sign up for our Orthicon system. This site is in no way tied to the Television Academy membership site.

Please see here a TUTORIAL VIDEO on how to sign up. Once you are in the Orthicon system, on your Profile page, you need to toggle YES for "I want to judge" and then fill out the following two tabs in their entirety:

Judging Qualifications
Demographics Survey

The Registration video will guide you through registration and the Judging Sign Up forms will guide you through the qualifications and survey. ALL THREE STEPS ARE REQUIRED FOR SIGNING UP (TOGGLE YES, FILL OUT THE QUALIFICATIONS, FILL OUT THE SURVEY).

Additionally, we are offering free webinars on Tuesday, August 29 and Tuesday, September 5 at 3pm ET/noon PT:

Meeting ID: 830 9061 8762
Passcode: 636503

Come join us and learn about:

  • What is the registration info used for and why it is required?
  • What is the peer judging system and how does it differ from a voting system?
  • How do I qualify to be a judge?
  • What is the time commitment for judging?
  • Why does CAFÉ not utilize an FYC system?

No webinar RSVP is necessary - just show up and we will guide you through the process, and then stay until every last question is answered!

Thank you so much for your continued collaboration on all things CAFE!

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