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May is Mental Health Awareness Month and this year's slogan is "We are all in this together." The Television Academy is in it with our members by helping to raise awareness about those living with mental or behavioral health issues, and cultivating expert information, resources and strategies you can turn to when you or a loved one needs support.

The Fundamentals

What is Mental Health?
This term refers to our emotional, psychological and social well-being, which helps inform the way we think, feel and act. It can also affect how we handle stress, relate to others and make choices — and is important at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence through adulthood.

Get Educated and Find Support

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)
Provides in-depth information and excellent resources, including:

For some, asking for help carries the stigma of being a sign of weakness. In truth, being open and vulnerable and seeking answers and assistance is an incredible act of strength.
With their slogan, "Let's talk about it," stigmas associated with getting help are a thing of the past. This is your one-stop access to the U.S. government's vast mental health resources, including a look at Mental Health Myths and Facts.

Mental Health Literacy
Committed to creating and delivering the highest quality mental health literacy information, research, education and resources designed to meet the needs of children, youth, young adults, families, educators, community agencies and health care providers.

Nation Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)
Provides advocacy, education, support and public awareness so those affected by mental illness can live healthy, fulfilling lives supported by a community.

National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)
Federal agency for research on mental disorders.

Child Mind Institute: Family Resource Center
Support for children struggling with mental health, behavior or learning challenges.

Addresses concerns of young people and offers suggestions on coping with social media.

Emergency Help

If you or someone you know is thinking about suicide, the United States-based suicide prevention network has over 160 crisis centers that provides 24/7 services and is available to anyone in suicidal crisis or emotional distress.

National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Provides 24/7, confidential support. Connect to them by:

  • dialing 988 (the new three-digit dialing code that will route callers to the Lifeline)
  • text your zip code to 435748 (HELP4U)
  • live chat the Crisis Text Line

California Peer-Run Warm Line (Serves Los Angeles County)
Hotline/Talkline/Warmline: (855) 845-7415

211 LA (Serves Los Angeles County)
Through their website or chat, this 24/7 hub helps community members and organizations looking for all types of health, human and social services in Los Angeles County. They provide information and referrals that link people to community services, so that people in LA can survive, thrive and be empowered, no matter their situation or background.

Veterans Crisis Line
Connects Service members and Veterans in crisis, as well as their family and friends to a VA responder via their confidential toll-free hotline (1-800-273-8255 and press 1), Veterans Crisis Chat, or text messaging 838255.

Find an In-Person or Virtual Therapist

Looking after one's mental health can add to the quality, purpose and length of life.
Helps locate state-licensed providers who specialize in treating substance use disorders, addiction and mental illness.

Psychology Today
Top online destination for expert-authored articles and information about psychology and mental health; plus, browse detailed listings of verified mental health professionals (worldwide) with wide-ranging specialties.

Counseling California
A powerful, comprehensive search engine that gives immediate access to expert Marriage and Family Therapists (MFTs), and other mental health professionals practicing in California and thoroughly trained in helping manage life's challenges.

For Entertainment-Industry Professionals

Peer-to-Peer Chat App: Be Scene - Be Heard
24/7 anonymous peer-to-peer app for entertainment professionals. Sometimes it's easier to talk to a peer you don't know who is in the industry and will understand what you are going through. Join now for just 99 cents a month.

Behind the Scenes
Offers a mental health and suicide prevention initiative portal that includes resources, a self-assessment tool and an Entertainment Industry Therapist Finder. The Finder features listings for mental health professionals who have previously worked with clients in the entertainment industry or have professional experience in the industry themselves, providing insight into the challenges and needs of industry professionals.

For the Black Community

Black Men Matter — Examining Mental Health Issues Among Black Men: A Guide To Freedom
This comprehensive guide sheds light on the unique factors that make black men vulnerable to a host of mental health issues and provides guidance on where to find help.

African American Mental Health
National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) provides detailed information on the Black experience, what leads to mental health challenges and offers ways to seek help.

Mental Health Facts for African Americans
From the American Psychiatric Association.

Therapy Resources for People of Color
Find therapists who specialize in supporting BIPOC and queer folks.

Black Underrepresentation in Addiction Treatment
Explores the reasons for underrepresentation and explains common barriers, legal biases and the importance of cultural competency.

A Guide to Addiction and Recovery for African Americans
Guidance on recognizing the signs of drug abuse, suggests skilled providers specializing in the unique issues facing this population and shares information on payment options.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Among African Americans
Breaks down helpful statistics, the differences in substance abuse patterns across the black population and treatment options to consider.

Help for Senior Citizens

Reports show that social isolation increases the risk of many health issues, such as dementia by 50%, stroke by 32% and heart disease by 29%. This article from explains what you should know about senior isolation and ways to combat it.

Have you heard the one about the Senior who needs a laugh?
Look no further than Comedians on Call. This project connects comedians and improv artists with seniors, bringing laughter and light into their lives when they need it most.

Psychosocial Intervention for Older Adults with Serious Mental Illness
A guide for evidence-based interventions that support older adults with serious mental illness.

Keeping a Peaceful Mind

When your mind is racing and you long to find a bit of Zen, here are some simple mindfulness activities from Good Housekeeping to help reduce stress and increase calm.

Calm is an app offering guided meditations for focus, relaxation and sleep. Click on the link to access free tools to help support your mental and emotional wellness.

Push the cares of your day aside and spend a little time in the peaceful company of fascinating creatures. Visit LIVE ZOO CAMERAS from around the world, or if you're in the mood for a visit with sea creatures, visit the Aquarium of the Pacific's webcams.

Books and Magazines

Your library is an excellent place to find a large collection of books and magazines related to mental health. Here are the Los Angeles Public Library's featured topics and a few recommended books for Mental Health Awareness Month.

Saying No
A Good Night's Sleep
End Bullying
Understanding Mental Health Magazine
The Untethered Soul
10% Happier and Meditation For Fidgety Skeptics

More to Explore

Bring Change to Mind
Encourages a diverse cultural conversation around mental health that focuses on ending stigma and discrimination.

Mental Health Matters
Wades through the vast amount of information and resources available to mental health consumers, professionals, students and supporters by housing a library determined by evidence-based research and peer reviewed scholarly articles, written/reviewed by healthcare professionals and industry experts in a way that is understandable and accurate.

Mental Health America (MHA)
Promotes mental health as a critical part of overall wellness, including prevention services for all; early identification and intervention for those at risk; integrated care, services and support for those who need it; with recovery as the goal.

Take Action for Mental Health (for Californians)
To help you check in, learn more and get support for your own mental health or the mental health of someone you care about. Provides ways for self-care, finding services or support available to help find a path forward.

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