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Virtual FYC Event Lottery: Thursday, January 20, 2022 10:00 AM PT/1:00 PM ET and Friday, January 21, 10:00 AM PT/1:00 PM ET (if necessary)

NOTE: Dial-in instructions will be sent the week of January 17 to all who have RSVP'd. In early January, those participating in the Lottery will receive an official email invitation. RSVP deadline is Friday, January 14; reservations cannot be accommodated on the day of the Lottery.

  • RSVP for the lottery is now closed. All entities should collaborate in advance to confirm that program entries of mutual interest will secure only one booking per program.
  • On weekends, there can be up to six events per day -- (two 11 AM slots, two 3 PM slots and two 7 PM slots). All times noted are PT.
  • On weeknights, there can be up to five events per day -- (one 4 PM NY or other East Coast market slot, two 5 PM slots and two 7 PM slots each day). All times noted are PT. 
    • NOTE: Only virtual events can be booked for the 5 PM weeknight slots and only a LIVE in-person NY or other East coast market event can be booked for the 4 PM weeknight slot (with the ability to add virtual).
  • Each weekend date can have up to six (6) "first hold position" slots on three separate sets of tracks – A1 and B1 for 11 AM, C1 and D1 for 3 PM, and E1 and F1 for 7 PM - all of which will have priority booking/confirmation. In addition, each date can have up to six "second position" slots A2 and B2 for 11 AM, C2 and D2 for 3 PM, and E2 and F2 for 7 PM.
  • Each weeknight date can have up to five (5) "first hold position" slots on three separate sets of tracks - C1 and D1 for 5 PM, E1 and F1 for 7 PM, and NY1 for the 4 PM NY/East coast in-person slot -- all of which will have priority booking/confirmation. In addition, each non-NY date can have up to four "second position" slots C2 and D2 for 3 PM and E2 and F2 for 7 PM, with the 4 PM slot having one "second position" slot at NY2.
  • If your event originates from the East Coast, we recommend booking the 4 PM PT in-person or 5 PM PT virtual weeknight slot, or the 11 AM PT or 3 PM PT weekend slots.
  • There will be two lottery rounds to claim dates. As this is a virtual lottery, a generator will randomly assign entities their order number for each round.
    • In the first round, everyone will have the opportunity to select two dates for two separate properties via their randomly assigned order. If you only have one overall pick/property, you will complete your lottery draw after you have selected your date. 
    • For the second round, each entity named in the random order will be shown via screen share on Zoom. In that assigned order, each entity will select dates per property based on the remaining number of properties confirmed from the RSVP.

NOTE: Additional properties/reservations cannot be accommodated on the day of the Lottery. If at the conclusion of the final lottery date there are any remaining slots available, those who need additional slots may remain on and select from those openings.

  • Each entity will name a "1st position choice date" and "2nd position choice date" for each program. No more than 2 position choice holds per program.

NOTE: There will be only one Lottery; dates will be pulled for coast-to-coast attendance as all in-person and drive-in events, whether in the Los Angeles or New York City areas, have the option of being recorded and streamed live or on demand.

Date Swapping

After the Lottery, you may swap dates amongst your own programs by alerting Amy Pierce at pierce@televisionacademy.com. All position holds for that property must be swapped together.

FYC Events Calendar: Monday, March 7 – Wednesday, June 15
Click here for the 2022 FYC Events Calendar. 

The FYC Events Calendar will populate beginning with the Lottery on January 20, and will be updated as bookings are confirmed and paid for.

To view the calendar:

  • Click here.
  • Sign in with your Google account.
  • You will see a request to add the 2022 FYC Events calendar.
  • Click ADD.


Please contact us at fyc@televisionacademy.com with any questions.

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