How to Apply to the Internship Program

Each applicant will need to create an online application for consideration. Only one entry and one category per student.

Please read Rules & Eligibility for details.

Required Materials for Application: *

  1. Professional Statement of 300-400 words maximum discussing the specific reasons for your choice of category, what identifies you as unique, how television has influenced your life, and what you are hoping to get out of this internship.
  2. Resume - Remove ALL links, web addresses, photos and references. Email addresses are acceptable.
  3. Two letters of recommendation addressed to the Internship Committee (at least one must be from an academic and on the institution's letterhead). Professional references include any person who has had a supervisory role with you in the classroom, an internship, work, or project-based environment. Personal references will not be accepted. All letters MUST be signed and include an email address. No exceptions. Digital signatures are acceptable.
  4. Transcript(s) from all colleges/universities attended, both undergrad and graduate school, if applicable (unofficial photocopies will be accepted). Graduate students who do not submit undergrad transcripts will automatically be disqualified.  If you are unable to obtain transcripts from the current semester, you must include a list of classes in which you are currently enrolled.  
  5. Supplemental materials (ONLY as necessary where indicated by category).
    Note: If a video link is required, it must be viewable without a password and uploaded via YouTube, Vimeo, or a publicly shared Dropbox folder. Materials must be combined into one link only. Private videos and broken links will result in automatic disqualification.

* For all categories except Star Trek Command Training Program (see the program page for details)

Failure to comply and submit all requested materials and/or any additional materials will result in automatic disqualification in every category.

updated 11.12.20

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