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Emmy Magazine - In The Mix

Spike becomes the Paramount Network, and new series arrive with an ardent rebrand.

On board for Star Trek:Discovery, a translator gives voice to aliens.

IFC shakes up Saturday nights with shorts from Funny Or Die.

The X-Files, the series that united believer and skeptic — and inspired intense loyalty— returns with its creator still at the helm.

Letitia Wright's career took a much-needed spiritual detour.

In his newest comedy, a Brit known for creating loyal fans tests the limits of friendship.

A filmmaker retraces Teddy Roosevelt’s risky Amazon adventure.

The Sundance Festival is screening more TV — and offering would-be creators another way into Hollywood.

Training in medieval armor bonds cast and crew on Knightfall.

Marvel offers up a new kind of superhero in Hulu's Runaways.

The gang behind Hulu’s Future Man gets serious about humor.

NBCU gets schooled in the business of crafting and adds a plum to its portfolio.