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Emmy Magazine - In The Mix

Sound and color harmonize in Ronit Kirchman’s scores.

Toby Chu creates a musical landscape.

Telling cat from mouse is tough in this case.

Toby Stephens has a pedigree, but had to start from the bottom.

For a determined director, telling the story of the Grateful Dead was a singular rock odyssey.

From day player to series regular, Selenis Leyva speaks her mind.

An opportunity to work with two powerful women and a killer script piqued Dawn-Lyen Gardner's interest.

It takes a village (and a good wig) to turn comic Anthony Atamanuik into the commander-in-chief for Comedy Central’s The President Show.

Get close to Carson’s famous couch on Hulu’s There’s... Johnny!

Celebs step up for Lip Sync Battle, and so do fans worldwide.

An actor finds long-term work and a global following in a show Canadians revere.

Stylish hats are a must on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.