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Andrew Orloff, VFX Supervisor; Karen Czukerberg, VFX Producer; Roberto Biagi, On Set VFX Supervisor ; Chris Zapara, 3D Supervisor; Steve Graves, 3D Lead Artist; Michael Cliett, 3D Artist; Mark Shimer, 3D Artist; Johnathan R. Banta, 2D Lead Artist; Christopher Irving, 2D Artist;

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267 550
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Michael Cliett
3D Artist
Andrew Orloff
VFX Supervisor
Karen Czukerberg
VFX Producer
Roberto Biagi
On Set VFX Supervisor
Chris Zapara
3D Supervisor
Steve Graves
3D Lead Artist
Mark Shimer
3D Artist
Johnathan R. Banta
2D Lead Artist
Christopher Irving
2D Artist
Show Details: 
The Scott Peters Company and HDFilms in association with Warner Bros. Television
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