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Through a partnership with Zinio, the global leader in digital publishing products and services (, select digital editions of Emmy® are now available in their entirety for sale to the public, and available to Television Academy member with current membership logins.

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Each digital edition of Emmy is an exact replica of the print publication, with numerous enhanced features, including full searchability, clickable links, zoom functionality, the ability to take notes within and highlight favorite articles and the ability to email content to friends and post content on blogs or social networking sites.

In addition to their convenience and ease of use, digital editions are environmentally friendly. Zinio’s paper-and-ink-free digital model allows readers to enjoy emmy’s inside look at the television industry without depleting natural resources.

Issue No.5, 2013
Issue No.4, 2013
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Issue No.1, 2013
Issue No.2, 2013
Issue No.3, 2013
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Issue No.1, 2012
Issue No.2, 2012
Issue No.3, 2012
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Issue No.4, 2012

Issue No.5, 2012
Extra: Drama Classics
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Issue No.6, 2012
Issue No.7, 2012
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Issue No.1, 2011
Issue No.2, 2011
Issue No.3, 2011
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Issue No.4, 2011
Issue No.5, 2011
Issue No.6, 2011
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Issue No.7, 2011
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Issue No.1, 2010
Issue No.2, 2010
Issue No.3, 2010
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Issue No.4, 2010
Issue No.5, 2010
Issue No.6, 2010
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Issue No.7, 2010
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Issue No.1, 2009
Issue No.2, 2009
Issue No.3, 2009
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Issue No.4, 2009
Issue No.5, 2009
Issue No.6, 2009
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  • As well as digital editions of emmy, the partnership between the Television Academy and Zinio names Zinio as the Television Academy’s “Official Digital Publishing Partner” and includes the creation of a digital edition of the program book for the 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards, held on August 29, 2010.

    This partnership between the Television Academy and Zinio is an extension of a project spearheaded by Zinio called The Read Green Initiative™, an urgent call-to-action to inspire consumers to embrace an environmentally sustainable alternative to traditional print reading, which launched in September of 2008.

    About Zinio

    Zinio is the leading global online publishing, distribution services company, with divisions focusing on digital magazine and book publishing, publisher growth services, retail services, cutting edge research and development and interactive media.

    Zinio’s robust technical platform — featuring a highly desirable online retail store, fulfillment capabilities, secure online and offline reading products, production services and marketing services — enables consumers, regardless of geographic location, to search, purchase and immediately access digital publications. No more waiting weeks or months for fulfillment and delivery.

    Environmentally conscious, Zinio supports sustainability through it partnership with over 2,000 major magazine titles and books available digitally and delivered on behalf 400+ leading publishers.

    Zinio currently delivers over 20 million issues annually for its growing base of 5.5 million readers speaking different languages on behalf of hundreds of major publishers from around the world. Learn more at

    Zinio’s Read Green Initiative™.

    The Read Green Initiative™ helps save trees while you read.

    Shrink your carbon footprint and explore digital reading. With Zinio, the magazines you love evolve off the page into rich digital experiences. Check out the brilliant colors, searchable text, clutter-free archiving, clickable links and exclusive access to issues that haven’t yet hit the newsstands.

    Get more details and updates on the Read Green Initiative™ at

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