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Variety Series or Special

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart, Executive Producer/Host;
Rory Albanese, Executive Producer;
Josh Lieb, Executive Producer;
Kahane Cooperman, Co-Executive Producer;
Steve Bodow, Co-Executive Producer;
Jennifer Flanz, Co-Executive Producer;
Jim Margolis, Co-Executive Producer;
Pamela DePace, Supervising Producer;
Hillary Kun, Supervising Producer;
Adam Lowitt, Supervising Producer;
Jill Katz, Producer

Real Time With Bill Maher

Bill Maher, Executive Producer/Host;
Scott Carter, Executive Producer;
Sheila Griffiths, Executive Producer;
Brad Grey, Executive Producer;
Marc Gurvitz, Executive Producer;
Billy Martin, Executive Producer;
Dean E. Johnsen, Produced By


Jeff Ross, Executive Producer;
Tracy King, Producer;
Mike Sweeney, Producer;
Frank Smiley, Supervising Producer;
Daniel Ferguson, Supervising Producer;
Rachel Witlieb Bernstein, Supervising Producer;
Conan O'Brien, Host