Outstanding Special Visual Effects


Gary Hutzel, VFX Supervisor; Michael Gibson, VFX Producer; Doug Drexler, CGI Supervisor; Davey Morton, CGI Artist; Neal Sopata, CGI Artist; Kyle Toucher, CG Artist; Sean Jackson, CG Artist; Douglas Graves, CG Artist; Derek Ledbetter, Compositor

Last Resort

David Altenau, VFX Supervisor; Tim Jacobsen, VFX Producer; Tiffany Smith, VFX Producer; Matt Von Brock, CG Supervisor; Aldo Ruggiero, CG Artist; Bruce Coy, CG Artist; Ignacio Garceron, CG Artist; Jason Fotter, Compositing Supervisor; Brian Williams, Compositor

Falling Skies

Andrew Orloff, Visual Effects Supervisor; Curt Miller, Visual Effects Supervisor; Suzanne MacLennan, Visual Effects Producer; Leah Garner, Visual Effects Producer; Dan Keeler, Special Effects Coordinator; Julian Fitzpatrick, CG Lead Artist; James Hattin, Lead Compositor; Dylan Yastremski, Compositor; Graeme Baitz, Compositor

Game Of Thrones

Joe Bauer, Lead Visual Effects Supervisor; Jヤrn Grosshans, Visual Effects Supervisor; Doug Campbell, Visual Effects Supervisor; Steve Kullback, Lead Visual Effects Producer; Stuart Brisdon, Special Effects Supervisor; Sven Martin, Lead Animation Supervisor; Jabbar Raisani, Visual Effects Plate Supervisor; Tobias Mannewitz, Visual Effects Concept Designer; Adam Chazen, Visual Effects Coordinator

Hemlock Grove

Chris Jones, Visual Effects Supervisor; Jon Massey, Visual Effects Supervisor; Sean Joseph Tompkins, Visual Effects Producer; Sallyanne Massimini, CG Supervisor; Michael Kirylo, CG Supervisor; Jacob Long, CG Artist; Chris Barsamian, Lead Animator; Colin Feist, Compositing Supervisor; Kyle Spiker, Compositor

Pan Am

Matt Robken, Visual Effects Producer; Christopher D. Martin, Visual Effects Supervisor; Sam Nicholson, Visual Effects Supervisor; Diego Galtieri, Senior 2D Artist; Daniel Kumiega, Senior 3D Artist; Michael Cook, Lead 3D Artist; William L. Arance, Senior Model Builder; Martin Hilke, Senior 2D Artist; Anthony Ocampo, Senior 3D Artist

Once Upon A Time

Andrew Orloff, Visual Effects Supervisor; Laura Jones, Visual Effects Producer; Phil Jones, Special Effects Coordinator; Jake Bergman, Animation Lead; Nathan Matsuda, Compositing Supervisor; Dale Fay, On Set Supervisor; Dayna Mauer, Compositor; Kevin Struckman, On Set Zeus Supervisor; Sallyanne Massimini, CG Lead

The Walking Dead

Victor Scalise, VFX Supervisor; Jason Sperling, VFX Supervisor; Darrell Pritchett, Special FX Supervisor; Eddie Bonin, VFX Producer; Valeri Pfahning, Lead 2D Artist; Spence Fuller, 2D Artist; Martin Hilke, 2D Artist; Michael Cook, Lead 3D Artist; Jon Rosenthal, 3D Artist

Falling Skies

Andrew Orloff, Creative Director ; Curt Miller, Visual Effects Supervisor; Roberto Biagi, Visual Effects Supervisor; Sean Tompkins, Lead Visual Effects Producer; Barbara Genicoff, Lead Visual Effects Producer; Jake Bergman, Lead Mech Animator; Scott Fritts, Lead Skitter Animator; Renaud Talon, Lead Visual Effects Compositor; Michael Kirylo, CGI Lead

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