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January 03, 2014
... of convoluted — not surprising when it comes to health insurance — but insurance carriers must accept all small business customers, ... County, there are a handful — five or six." Those medical providers that do accept plans are picky: Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, ...

October 04, 2013
Health Care Reform: What You Need to Know Health insurance can be confusing under the best of circumstances. But with the new ... is guaranteed. No one can be turned down based on their medical history. That's one of the major reasons people in this country can't ...

November 12, 2013
Member Medical Insurance Medical Insurance The Television Academy offers medical insurance ...

November 20, 2013
... is delivered eight times a year. Details MEDICAL INSURANCE The Television Academy now offers medical insurance to our ...

October 21, 2009
... physician of the Fox drama House, pretending to seek medical advice: “I know you’re not really a doctor, but should I have it ... for Current, which makes significant use of user-generated content, were partners Joel Hyatt and former Vice President of the United ...

August 19, 2009
... The hit series pioneered an unprecedented level of medical accuracy and realism in primetime television. A recent Harvard study ... Clinic, where he often treats children without medical insurance as a volunteer physician on weekends. He also teaches Health ...