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April 16, 2014
... applications for your industry colleagues wishing to join the Academy and vote for this year's Emmy recipients. It's also the ...

April 07, 2014
... those rules achieve our broadcast goals at all and determine how broadcasting can continue to be competitive and serve the public interest. ...

March 21, 2014
... for a change.” • For more information about how to join the Television Academy, visit the Membership information section here ...

February 22, 2014
... on camera, Plissner wielded tremendous influence over the content of CBS's political coverage. He also directed the stand-up reports and ... book about his field of expertise, The Control Room: How Television Calls the Shots in Presidential Elections . Plissner died ...

February 12, 2014
... way programming is paid for, produced and distributed, but how audiences are measured. Perhaps most disruptive is its bold strategy of ... to watch at their own pace,” said Ted Sarandos, chief content officer of Netflix, in the company release. “Netflix has ...

March 04, 2014
... teaching story classes, writers and producers don’t ask me how to write a Hollywood super-hero movie. They want to know how to write ... the top acting, writing and directing talent clamoring to join the party.  Now it just so happens that in television, writers ...

February 24, 2014
... critically acclaimed, #1 comedy The Big Bang Theory , How I Met Your Mother , The Good Wife , Person Of Interest , Blue ...

January 03, 2014
... Brandt used a series of slides to illustrate how qualification for subsidies works. "Every decision in Covered California is ...

December 03, 2013
... businesswoman, then as a hilarious mess once the writers saw how well Alley could do slapstick nervosa. She would be Emmy Award-nominated 5 ... admits she doesn’t always follow the program.   How game is the dame? In 2011 she came in second in Dancing with the Stars ...
Panelists Laverne Cox, Christy Dees, Sherri Saum, Andrew Rannells and moderator Stephen Tropiano

November 05, 2013
A New Normal How did Jeff Perry learn that his character on ABC's Scandal — Cyrus ... on The Fosters opposite Teri Polo, is frequently asked how she prepared to portray a lesbian. "[I thought,] 'Do I walk differently?'" ...