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October 11, 2012

Jay McMullen, Investigative News Journalist

McMullen spent more than 30 years with CBS News, where he collaborated with such icons as Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite.

Jay McMullen, an investigative journalist who spent 35 years with CBS News, where he pioneered the use of hidden cameras and other techniques for undercover reporting, died March 10, 2012, in Greenwich, Connecticut. He was 90.

Known for his in-depth looks at such topics as politics, crime, race and business, McMullen broke major stories and helped to influence legislation.

At different times, he was the writer, reporter, producer and director of the public affairs series CBS Reports.

The Minnesota native won an Emmy Award for the 1972 CBS Reports broadcast The Mexican Connection, in which he went undercover, posing as a prospective drug buyer.

Previously, he won an Albert Lasker Award for the CBS Reports broadcast The Business of Heroin, in which he traced the trajectory of the drug from poppy fields in Turkey to its sale to addicts in New York.

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