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October 11, 2012

Beverly McDermott, Renowned Casting Director

In addition to her work on dozens of major movies, McDermott cast such TV shows as B.L. Stryker and Miami Vice.

Beverly McDermott, a top casting director who worked on such high-profile feature films as Lenny and Cocoon, as well as the TV series Miami Vice, died January 19, 20120, in Hollywood, Florida. She was 83.

McDermot, whose career spanned 40 years, was based largely in South Florida. In the 1960s she cast The Jackie Gleason Show when it was produced in Miami Beach; she also had a long association with Burt Reynolds. She cast his 1985 movie Stick as well as his 1989-90 ABC series B.L. Stryker, which was shot in Palm Beach.

Her other features films of note included Airport ’77, Black Sunday, Absence of Malice and Scarface.

In addition, she cast the hit TV series Miami Vice.

More about her life and work is at:

Hollywood Reporter


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