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September 12, 2012

Andrew Breitbart, Conservative Commentator and Internet Entrepreneur

Breitbart thrived on tweaking what he regarded as a liberal bias in mainstream U.S. media.

Andrew Breitbart, a conservative internet entrepreneur and media commentator, died March 1, 2012, in Los Angeles. He was 43.

According to news reports, he collapsed on a sidewalk near his home due to possible cardiac complications.

Breitbart, who at different times worked for both Matt Drudge and Arianna Huffington, used the internet as a platform for espousing his conservative political stance and for confronting Democratic politicians, such as former New York congressman Anthony Weiner, and Democratic-supported organizations, such as ACORN.

In addition to, his websites included, and

Breitbart also appeared regularly on television as a commentator on political matters.

Further obituary details are available at:

Wall Street Journal


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