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January 06, 2015

Famed Director Leslie H. Martinson Feted on 100th Birthday

Directed television shows from Roy Rogers to Small Wonder.

Melissa Byers
  • Batman

Famed television director and longtime Television Academy member Leslie H. Martinson has had a long and distinguished career.

Beginning in the 1950s with Warner Brothers westerns, Martinson helmed numerous shows and films, ranging from Maverick, PT 109, Temple Houston, Batman, Mission: Impossible, Mannix and Diff'rent Strokes to 80s fare such as Harper Valley PTA, CHiPs, and Airwolf.

On January 16th, Mr. Martinson will be celebrating his 100th birthday with his wife, acclaimed producer/interviewer of the 30 year television program Connie Martinson Talks Books.

For more information on Martinson's career, visit his Official Site, IMDb, Wikipedia. or simply ask your smart phone "who is Leslie Martinson?"

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