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Me and My Emmy
April 16, 2015

Me and My Emmy: Glenda Rovello

Primetime Emmy Tally: Four

How She Got the Gold: Art direction wins for 2 Broke Girls (2012) and NBC’s Will & Grace (2001, ’02, and ’03).

Now for the Noms: Again for art direction, for 2 Broke Girls (2013) and Will & Grace (2000, '04, '05 and '06), as well as for CBS's The Class (2007).

On the Job: "My job starts with the script and a conversation with the executive producer. I then start imagining how the actors will move through the space."

Fave Rave: "I always look forward to working with the show's crew. They are a constant source of inspiration. They have so much talent that they allow me to dream big with confidence.'

About the Boat: The vintage collapsible kayak (suspended from ceiling) '"is from a flea market in Germany. My family loves to kayak when we're on vacation and, since we live close to the beach, we also spend a lot of time going for walks."

Emmy Memory: "Each one of my Emmy wins was memorable. I won three for Will & Grace and one for 2 Broke Girls, and I have the most fond feelings regarding both shows. I always felt as if I would explode when I heard my name called."

Puppy Love: "My husband and youngest son went to the Netherlands to pick up our dog, Honus, who is a bracco Italiano [an Italian pointer]. They literally had to take a plane, a boat and a train to get him!"

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