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Me and My Emmy
March 21, 2016

Me and My Emmy: Travis Wall

  • Corey Nichols

Primetime Emmy Tally: One

How He Got the Gold: For outstanding choreography (2015) for Fox's So You Think You Can Dance.

Now for the Noms: Four for outstanding choreography: three for So You Think You Can Dance (2011, '13, '14) and one (2012) for ABC's Dancing with the Stars.

Born to Dance: "My mother was a dance teacher and was teaching with me in the womb, so I was always moving when music was on. I started taking dance classes when I was three, but I started choreographing dances to show my mom when I was two."

Next Steps: "So You Think You Can Dance has changed my life in so many ways. When I first auditioned, I was eighteen and had just moved to Los Angeles. I really wanted to be a choreographer, and I felt that would be a great way to work toward my goal. It did that — and exceeded every expectation that I had."

Drawing a Crowd: "Season one was pretty big, and season two kind of exploded. Then we went on tour, not expecting very much. But the first night we walked out on stage to 5,000 screaming fans. And they were screaming and chanting my name! That's something you never think would happen when you sign up to be a dancer."

Kudos for Keeps: "When I look at my Emmy, I think about the ten years I've spent on SYTYCD, being cut from auditions, being a contestant, getting first runner-up, being brought back to choreograph, then to judge, then to mentor. Being nominated five times and finally winning. I see how hard I've worked over the years. This is something that I get to keep forever and isn't just a memory."

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