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Me and My Emmy
April 04, 2017

Me and My Emmy: Patrika Darbo

  • Corey Nickols

Primetime Emmy Tally: One

How She Got the Gold: Outstanding Actress in a Short-Form Comedy or Drama Series for playing Margot Mullen in the web series Acting Dead, available on

Now for the Noms: Her win was also her first nomination.

Oh, Baby! “I started acting in the womb, according to my mother. I always loved to perform and become other characters. At one time, acting was my second job. I was a credit manager in the real world for 20 years because I wasn’t a very good waitress!”

Fighting Back: “Growing up, I was always a heavy-set kid and an easy target for the bullies. I learned to make them laugh with me instead of at me. This defense mechanism came in handy while performing.”

Role Call: “Margot from Acting Dead is a piece of work. If something is on her mind, she says it with no dilly-dallying. She calls everything as she sees it, and often what she has to say is not pleasant.”

Emmy Memory: “The Television Academy invited nominees to produce 30-second creative spots showing our work. Mine was a choreographed song-and-dance number with zombies, in honor of Acting Dead. They only showed a handful of them during the ceremony.

When they played my spot, I whispered to my husband that it was probably their way of giving me a consolation prize. He squeezed my hand and said I was his winner. Then Ryan Seacrest called my name and everything went into slow motion. It was surreal and wonderful!”

Spy High: “I would really like to play an evil character or super spy. Who would suspect that I was the killer or that I worked for the CIA? I’m available!”

This article originally appeared in emmy magazine, Issue No. 2, 2017

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