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March 26, 2008

Actor Richard Widmark Dies

Emmy, Oscar nominee and Golden Globe winner

Actor Richard Widmark died Monday at his home in Roxbury, Connecticut. He was 93.

His health had worsened in recent months, wife Susan Blanchard said, since fracturing a vertebra.

Widmark earned a Primetime Emmy nomination in 1971 for his role as the President of the United States in television's first two-part telefilm Vanished.

A native of Sunrise, Minnesota, he had long established himself as a consummate screen actor and garnered an Oscar nomination in 1947 with his first major role.

Widmark's turn as giggling, psycho-killer Tommy Udo in the 1947 film Kiss of Death saw Widmark tying up an elderly wheelchair-bound woman with a lamp cord and giving her a deadly push down a flight of stairs. He earned an Oscar nomination in the best supporting actor category for this terror-inducing portrayal.

He is survived by his wife and daughter, Anne Heath Widmark.

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