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March 11, 2016

Filmmaker Finds Stolen Emmy on Craigslist

Documentarian filmed the apprehension of the alleged thieves.

Documentary filmmaker Brett Hansen got his Emmy the hard way - he bought it on Craigslist.

Actually, Hansen has won two Emmys, which were kept in a storage unit in Olympia, Washington, but in February, he discovered that the unit had been burglarized and the Emmys, along with many other belongings, had been stolen.

He reported the theft to police, who held out little hope that the statuettes could be recovered. Hansen, however, decided to do some sleuthing of his own. He went online to Craigslist, typed in “Emmys,” and an ad popped up for a statue with the name plate removed for $3,500.

Hansen told police about the listing, and they set up a sting to recover it. Hansen offered to buy it, and when the meeting was set up, the police went in his stead. Hansen, being a documentarian, filmed the entire exchange and arrest.

Although the name plate is missing, police feel confident that the Emmy is Hansen’s, and he will get it back once the investigation is finished. He will apply to the Academy for a replacement for the other award, which has not been found.

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