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Faculty Seminar: Hear From Our Faculty

"This seminar provided me with direct insights from television creative professionals at all levels which would have been very difficult to do on my own. The information I was able to bring back will be invaluable for my courses as well as my own creative projects."

James M. Martin
2016 Faculty Fellow
Department of Media Arts
University of North Texas
"I'm trying to think where else in the world teachers have this sort of concentrated, unparalleled access to the minds who make the Hollywood television industry thrive, and frankly, I'm at a loss. This is a one-of-a-kind experience that will ripple across every course I teach."

Jonathan Slade
2016 Faculty Fellow
Department of Communication & Cinema
McDaniel College
"The Faculty Seminar was one of the most valuable experiences I could ask for. We were not only exposed to a broad range of experiences and presentations about working in the industry, but had the opportunity to share observations, resources, and teaching ideas with fellow faculty members form around the country. It was kind of like TV camp for grownups, except that instead of going home to share what I learned with my parents, I get to return home to share it with my students."

Jen Proctor
2016 Faculty Fellow
Department of Language, Culture, and Communication
University of Michigan - Dearborn
"This seminar is a must for anyone teaching television writing, production, or management because you walk away understanding both the complexity behind success and the power of simple storytelling."

Lisa Mills
2016 Faculty Fellow
School of Visual Art and Design
University of Central Florida
"The Faculty Seminar is unique. It brings together media scholars and industry professionals - a rare and unexpected combination - for stimulating and thought-provoking conversations you can't get anywhere esle. None of it is manufactured, it just happens. Hopefully it not only strengthens our work, but trickles down to our students who are about to step into an unknown media landscape."

Karen Loop
2016 Faculty Fellow
Film & Video Department
Columbia College - Chicago