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CTA Rules & Eligibility

CTA Rules & Eligibility

Rules and Eligibility

  1. Applicants must have been enrolled in an accredited college within the United States at the time of production and completion.
  2. Submission must have been produced between January 1, 2013 and December 31, 2013.
  3. Much like the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Program, the Producer(s) on record is/are the only winner(s) in each category unless stated otherwise.
  4. Only the Producer, Executive Producer or Co-Producer on record may make a submission and must be credited as such in the submitted piece. If your school does not allow students to make submissions, a festival coordinator or other faculty serving in a similar role are permitted to submit on behalf of the students.
  5. Producer(s), Director(s) and Writer(s) must have been students attending college at time of production and completion of piece. This will be verified.
  6. All submitted pieces must have been produced for school related classes, groups, or projects and must be verified by a Faculty Advisor.
  7. Upon entry, a Vimeo URL will need to be provided. If you do not have an account, you will need to create one. Vimeo is free to use.

Deadline and Entry Requirements

  1. Previous log in information for Television Academy Foundation programs is no longer valid. All College Television Awards applicants must create a new account.
  2. Only one piece may be submitted per category and you may not enter the same piece in more than one category. MUSIC CATEGORY: you may enter a single piece in one or both of the music categories if applicable. Entry fees will apply.
  3. The first entry is free, additional entries are $25. You will be invoiced upon submission. Credit card payment is highly recommended.
  4. The name of each piece must be listed uniformly throughout the entire submission process, i.e. This is My Entry must always be written as This is My Entry.
  5. Entry titles should not start with the word The, i.e. must always be written as Newspaper, The.
  6. Do not use quotations in titling submission piece.
  7. All PSAs/commercials/advertisements must be deleted from submission materials.
  8. Please do not submit any additional materials until asked to do so. Unsolicited materials will be discarded and not returned.
  9. If your entry is not in English, it must contain English subtitles. Failure to provide will result in disqualification.
  10. Incomplete, missing or wrong information will result in disqualification.
  11. All entries must include credits.
  12. If at any time your personal information changes, it is your responsibility to update us. We are not responsible for misdirected, misspelled or missing information.
  13. The deadline to submit your piece(s) is January 14, 2014 12PM PST.

Additional Information

  1. As a part of the online application, a Faculty Advisor Verification Form must be completed by the student for EACH ENTRY. This form certifies the Producer(s), Director(s) and Writer(s) (and composer(s) where applicable) were students at the time of production and will be generated and emailed to your Faculty Advisor for verification once received. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the document is submitted, signed and turned in before the entry deadline.
  2. If your video is larger than 500MB, consider compressing your video to a smaller size.
  3. By uploading your video to Vimeo, be aware that it will be live and viewable to the public on If you do not want the public to be able to view your video, you will need to password-protect it. Remember to provide your password with the URL on your Entry Form. Neither the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation or mtvU will share your password-protected videos with anyone other than contest admins and judges.
  4. If your piece is selected for the final phase of judging (Blue-Ribbon Panel), you will be asked to submit two .mov copies on DVD of your piece(s) as well as a 30-second promo representing the content of your submission.

    Preferred video specs are: 
    29.97 Format: HDV 1080i60
    Linear PCM
    16 bit
    48000 Hz
    Stereo (L R)
    Do not send these elements unless they are requested.
  5. Judging will be done by members of the Television Academy.
  6. For any questions or concerns, please email