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This site has replaced our old site at We hope you like it!

The Interviews are available for free to watch online. This site has been designed to expedite searches by cataloging hours of interviews and tagging them by personal name, show title, topic, profession, etc.

Here are some examples of how to search.



If you are looking to watch an Interview with a specific PERSON, such as showcreator Matthew Weiner, simply click on "The Interviews" or here to see an alphabetical list of all interviewees. Type in his name, or Scroll to "W" or click the "W" in the navigation to jump around. Click on the name "Matthew Weiner."

Once on his page, you can watch the ENTIRE interview by clicking the tab called "Interview." Or, if you just want to see what he has to say about his show Mad Men for example, you could click on the "Shows" tab and scroll to Mad Men, click to expand, and watch all his soundbytes about that show.  If you want to hear about his early influences, click on "Topics" and scroll to "Pivotal Career Moments." If you want to watch him talk about working with Woody Allen or Jon Hamm, click the "People" tab and scroll down.


If you are looking for Interviewees discusssing a particular SHOW, such as Mad Men you just click here to see a list of all shows, or can type that in the search bar, or click on "The Interviews" and then "Shows." Once on the Mad Men page, You can click on "Who Talked about this Show" to see all the soundbytes from Interviewees who discussed this.