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Emmy Magazine - In The Mix

He’ll always be hailed for The Dick Van Dyke Show, in which comedy on the home front and the work front led to double the laughs. But Carl Reiner — iconic writer, producer, director, performer — is also revered for the family feeling he’s forged on 60 years’ worth of sets.

Meticulous design is behind the re-creation of the most infamous hideout in U.S. history.

A writer-producer breaks through a block with The Guest Book.

With the support of her TV family, Chicago P.D.’s script supervisor combats gun violence after the death of her son.

In Amazon’s Transparent, a musician-turned-writer unravels her poignant personal history.

Start-up serves as compass for cord-cutters.

Its bid for Tribune Media has some analysts asking, is the broadcast group resolved to rival Fox News?

An animated series about a buoyant kid develops outside the box.

For its 12th season, HBO’s acclaimed NFL docu-series goes to training camp with Tampa Bay.

“I never feel normal,” says the writer-producer who explores a teen’s life on the autism spectrum.

With their distinct style of late-night talk, a duo ticks up viewing for Viceland.

Creators aim for maximum impact with pilots.