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Emmy Magazine Features

Tempted by Divorce, Thomas Haden Church left his ranch for a spell in the city.

By Gina Piccalo

Building a western town from the ground up, teaching actors to gallop and shoot, creating period garb only to coat it in dust… Netflix’s Godless called for round-the-clock commitment by an array of craftspeople and artists.

By Ann Farmer

In Netflix’s elbow-throwing, butt-kicking, lacquer-haired GLOW — set in the women’s professional wrestling circuit of the 1980s —Alison Brie gets to flex way more than muscle.

By Maria Neuman

For the avid fans of writer-producer Dan Harmon, Rick and Morty is the holy grail of humor and absurdity.

By Neil Turitz

As Dale Cooper, Kyle MacLachlan is much more than a fed who fancied cherry pie and “a damn good cup of coffee.” He is the narrative and moral center of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks.

By Mike Flaherty

It’s a wrap for Channing Dungey’s first full development of slate at ABC, where Roseanne shot to number one, thanks in part to its bipartisan approach. But Dungey wasted no time announcing the show’s cancellation May 29, after star Roseanne Barr published a racist tweet. Inclusion remains an imperative at the network, where Dungey herself broke barriers as an African-American executive.

By Jenny Hontz